Thursday, June 09, 2005

Musings: Date Night Anticipation

It's amazing that a sound asleep brain can stay conscious of important things and drive the body accordingly. Today we'll have our usual "date night" and I woke up just a little while ago with my cock as hard as if it were sculpted out of marble with hot and horny thoughts in full blown living color to accompany it. I love how my dick feels when it's super stiff like that! I traced the prominent veins bulging out on the surface like three dimensional roads on a map with my fingertips, shuddering with the small jolts of pleasure that coursed through me already imagining the scenes that will play out later when Mike and Don take my horny wife to bed for a few hours. A few squeezes of my rock hard shaft and a bit of running my fingers around my spongy, excited glans and I had to stop. I want to save whatever cum's in me for later so I can fill Dee's pretty pussy with it after Don and Mike have filled her ass and pussy respectively if it's to be a typical night out.

I shot some pics of Dee getting dressed this morning to send to Mike at work to tease him. I enjoy helping to build his desire to make love with Dee throughout the course of a typical day when we're going to see him later, just like I enjoy sucking his cock to make it as hard as it can get for him to put it into Dee. I really like it when he returns the favor too by sucking me while Dee's licking my balls right before I slip up into her. Don has a great dick for sucking too; his upward curve feels cool in my mouth and I can get my tongue against it at a really good angle to lick him in that most sensitive spot just under his head. I suppose I most enjoy sucking Don's cock when I know he's getting ready to fuck Dee in the ass because of how much both of them are going to enjoy it when he's up between her buns as far as he can get.

What a fucking disappointment; Bob who asked for a "date" with us apparently chickened out of joining us tonight. I mailed him on Saturday, as Dee did on Sunday, and neither of us have heard from the prick since. Damn these assholes who waste our time asking for an opportunity to get together with us and then disappearing when the time comes. What makes this one worse is that I told Bob specifically that we've had it up to our eyeballs with guys who talk it up big and then fall completely out of touch when the day draws closer. If he thought he was going to pansy out he should have been up front about it. At the very least these dickheads could admit to us that they've had second thoughts and apologize for wasting our time. I'm taking bets as to what excuse this lamer might use if he bothers to write again at all. Feel free to drop a comment with your vote. Will it be - (A little drum roll please.) -

"Emergency business out of town without an internet connection?
"Issues with my ISP?"
"My e-mail wasn't working right?"
"Broke my sacral iliac?"

Meanwhile I'll be practicing my best Fuck you! if he should dare to ask for a second chance. I'm all second chanced out. This is my wife's sweet body we offer these guys - her entire being while a lover is on a bed with her, especially when he's in her. Anybody who has such little appreciation for that can go directly to hell without passing GO and collecting $200.

Anyway... Even without Mr. Chicken Shit I know that Don, Mike, Dee, and I will have a fantastic time as usual this evening doing what we do best - getting out of our clothes and doing all we can to ensure that each of us has a great orgasm or two - or in Dee's case a few dozen. Check the "adventure page" in a day or two to see some of my favorite scenes from this evening's smorgasbord of pleasure. And, if you ever ask and we say yes, don't be a frigging "Bob!"


deeslittlemike said...

My personal favorite is called out of town on an emergency. But I would not rule out my computer crashed. LOL

Glad I was not a freaking "Bob"!


Dee's Husband Joe said...

Me too, Mike! What the hell would I do every second Thursday if you had been? ;)


deeslittlemike said...

LOL oh I don't know I am sure you and Dee would find something fun to do.

You are both very resourceful and creative.