Friday, July 15, 2005

Musings: A Day with Mike

After nearly a year and a half of enjoying one of the best and most unusual friendships I've ever had - one in which most of our talking was done in e-mails except for a few hours on most Thursday evenings during which he'd make love to my wife - I was finally able yesterday to enjoy a regular day of palling around with Mike and it was a great day all around. (Well, maybe except for those times when I wanted to smack him silly for saying something totally in tune with his unusual sense of humor - about every two minutes or so. [Wink!])

Mike arrived around 10:00 and I gave him a tour of the "North Forty" - the backyard about which he's heard so much in my telling him about my daily gardening routine. A drive downtown took us to the Farmer's Market where on public square Mike chuckled, "You know everybody," after I met up with two acquaintances and a relative, and after that we headed another mile south for Mike to experience our equivalant of the famous chili dogs which I enjoy when I'm down his way. After lunch we did a tour of the valley on which I showed Mike a number of the places he's heard Dee and me talk about, and then later in the afternoon we drove the 20 miles or so north to meet up with Dee for her 3:00 break at work. We then headed to our usual motel where Mike got us a room; we each took a quick shower and then hung around talking till Dee called about a half an hour later to let us know that she was on the way and that we could get ready to meet her for supper.

When supper was out of the way, back to the room we went where once again we had as perfect an evening of sweet sex as can be had. I managed to cum twice, Mike got off three or four climaxes, and of course my dear Dee was curling her toes in orgasm just about every time one of us turned around. We started by doing something that I had suggested to Dee on our morning dog walk before she headed up to work; she got Mike out of his clothes, then I sucked his cock while Dee stripped slowly for him. Having Mike's dick in my mouth while he watched Dee take off her clothes till she was wearing nothing but a huge grin was a wonderful way for me to appreciate just how much my dear wife excites him. After Dee was nude the wheels were in full motion and we didn't stop till a few hours later when all of us were thoroughly satisfied at a point where we couldn't cum again if our lives depended on it. Well, maybe that was true for Mike and me; I don't know if Dee has a limit.

Although it's fun and powerfully exciting now and then to watch Dee take to a bed with a new acquaintance as she'll do next week with Jason, the best of the wife sharing experiences we've had have been with the guys who've become not only considerate and caring lovers to Dee but friends to us as well. I hope that the day I shared with Mike yesterday was only the first installment of a new annual summer tradition. And now for the continuation of a weekly tradition at least when I can get away with it - stroking myself off while viewing the pics from Thursday evening's date...

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