Sunday, July 17, 2005

Musings: More Anticipation of Jason

Unless you've done the wife sharing thing yourself, or have at least fantasized about it with a very stiff dick, you'll never really understand the excitement I feel when I read some of the things that Dee writes. From her letter yesterday to Jason whom we'll be meeting for the first time this week: "Thank you for your pictures. From the shots, it looks like you kind of taper to a point. I am looking forward to feeling you inside me as each cock does feel different and gives pleasure in unique ways." Just knowing that she's thinking about Jason's cock - that she studied the pictures of it to see what makes it different from the nearly 30 others she's known intimately in one way or another - that she's wondering what he's going to feel like when he slips up into her belly fills me with a kind and a degree of excitement that still spins my head around though I've seen her screw somebody almost every week over the past three years.

I'm as excited as Dee and Jason are themselves though for most of the evening I'll remain on the sidelines with the camera for their initial love making. Mike will be with us, and I know there will be times when he'll be right beside me sighing deeply while he watches Dee give and get pleasure so beautifully although he'll be a very active participant in pleasuring her as well. I truly can't even begin to find the words to express what feelings rush through me when Dee takes her first taste of a man's cock and I watch his knob disappear into her mouth - when I see her look up at her lover with a schoolgirl's swooning eyes when her tongue slips down to lick his balls and then glides slowly back up his shaft - when I see her scramble eagerly into position and reach for her new lover's aroused cock to guide it to her dripping cleft and insinuate it at her opening - when I watch him flex his hips and drive his steel hard length up into Dee, especially that first time when her pussy swallows him whole and his heavy balls are pressed tightly up against my darling wife's round buns.

When I can bear to turn my gaze away from where Dee and her lover's flesh are one, I savor the overall moving picture before me. A man's bare body, his muscles gliding gracefully as he moves in rhythm to work his cock in my baby's juicy hole. Her little fingers caressing his back, sliding down to his ass, urging him to fuck her even deeper. Her "hot wife" anklet catching the light and sparkling as her upturned legs follow the movements of her lover's ass moving up and down between them. Her face - her beautiful face which would betray her arousal even if she should try to hide it - the subtle nuances of expression with which I am so familiar indicating to me her stage in the orgasmic cycle, whispering to me so obviously how the tingle in her bottom is building - telling me precisely when she's about to climax - shouting to me just how delicious the dick inside her feels as she goes over the edge and it hammers the intense pleasure through her sweet body with each powerful thrust. His face showing so clearly how good Dee is making him feel by responding so unabashedly to his ability to pleasure her. (I think every man is somewhat amazed to see that his dick can cause a woman such fantastic sensations when Dee cums on it.) His face showing so clearly how good Dee is making him feel when her sweet pussy squeezes his cock, when she reaches down to stroke his balls and urges him to cum inside her, when she smiles her warm and affectionate smile at him when her face isn't contorting again and again with each orgasm that his cock delivers.

And then my gaze invariably returns to where Dee and her lover are joined together. I am mesmerized by the sight of his cock plowing into her. When Dee is with a new lover her pussy is typically so wet that her juices get churned into a creamy froth which clings to the guy's shaft to give it an amazing sheen. I put my face in close to where the mouth of her hole grasps the circumference of his cock knowing that each time his balls flatten against her ass the tip of his cock is poking her cervix and that every last part of his excited dick is enjoying the feeling of Dee's hot slot wrapped around it. I see her little fingers snake down to search out her lover's nuts and when she finds them I watch her fingertips stroke them - and then I hear her implore, "Fuck me!" and urge him to let go with, "I want you to cum for me!" Her lover drills her even more passionately at her encouragement and Dee starts to cum again, making her hole tighten its grip on her lover's prick. As if a jolt of white hot electricity had jabbed him, I see her lover's cock thrust into Dee to the hilt and his ass cheeks turn into twin orbs of stone. I see his whole body spasm suddenly and then shudder, and I know that in that instant his cock is spraying his thick, warm goo up into my beautiful wife. Another spasm, and another each time his dick squirts yet more cum into my wife's hungry hole. She's cumming; he's cumming and with each spasm of pleasure that his dick delivers into the squirming and writing Dee she squeezes it to keep the cycle of pleasure rolling until she's milked the last drop of cum out of him and they're both spent. Spent for a few minutes, at least, until sombody spies the warm creampie between Dee's labia and starts the ball rolling all over again with his tongue.

OK, I'll stop obsessing for now because it's almost time for church, but there's more to come in the next few days as our date with Jason draws closer. If we can arrange it tomorrow I'm going to meet him somewhere just to say hi which will hopefully assuage any last minute apprehensions he might have. We're really counting on him not to turn into another jerk who disappears under the radar a day or two before his tryst with Dee. More as it happens in the next few days...

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