Sunday, July 31, 2005

Musings: Dee's & Don's Upcoming 100th "Date"

Although I'm awful at remembering dates, I'll never forget July 23, 2002; it was the evening when Dee fulfilled my longest standing fantasy and went to bed with Don. This week we'll celebrate their 100th time together! I don't know whom I might've picked to be Dee's first extramarital lover, nor if I'd have had the balls to take the leap of faith from the fantasy to the reality at all if I hadn't known Don online and hadn't met him a few times socially before inviting him to make love with my wife. I knew him to be a good man, but most importantly I knew that he wouldn't become a threat to my marriage if Dee went totally ga-ga over him. I knew that Don would treat Dee like a lady, would make love to her with passion, and would make it as easy as possible for her to cross over the line from curiosity to ecstasy.

I wasn't at all prepared for the utter beauty I encountered in that first coupling of Dee and Don that I witnessed three years ago. Oh, it was most certainly arousing, and exciting far beyond my wildest dreams, but never did I expect it to be aesthetic - infinitely more majestic, gripping, and moving in a way that made the greatest works of Art that I'd ever appreciated lack luster by comparison. Not in a million years would I have believed that watching my wife make love with another man might raise my spirit to a level to which it had never soared before, and make me feel more alive than I ever had. It was as if everything good that could be experienced and comprehended by the human mind and heart was concentrated in me all at once to near the bursting point. I was awed, in the true sense of the word - absolutely slack-jawed in awe as Don and Dee made each other cum with feeling, with emotion, with genuine affection.

In using even conservative estimates and educated guesses, some numbers are fairly staggering to me when I consider them in terms of the 100th time with Don approaching. Suppose Dee takes Don into her mouth three times on an average evening; that's 300 times that she's sucked his cock. Likewise, he puts his tongue to her pussy and ass just as often if not more. I'd have to guess that at least 80 of their 100 couplings saw Don reaching orgasm in Dee's ass. I introduced Dee to anal sex, but Don made her absolutely love and crave it. She looks forward to feeling his cock in her ass as much as he can't wait to slide it up there. Again, a conservative estimate of Dee climaxing four times per anal session would mean that she achieved 320 orgasms with Don in her ass. In a variety of positions, a typical evening might result in Dee having eight orgasms with Don in her pussy. Once again the total is fairly numbing - 800 climaxes from being fucked. It's not only probable, but highly likely that Don's made Dee cum over 1,000 times in the past three years!

This is an upcoming milestone worth celebrating - Dee's 100th time with Don! I have little doubt that it will be any less magical than the first 99 times, nor any less beautiful. I'm grateful to those of you who've seen our pictures and who've written to tell me that you're able to see and feel and sense some of that same awe that I feel when I'm there in the actual moments, capturing them with the cameras. It's a little weird being a die-hard romantic in terms of watching one's wife make love with another man, but, all in all, I wouldn't want it any other way - not once, not 100 times.

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