Friday, July 29, 2005

Musings: Magical Foreplay

Yesterday during the usual exchange of e-mail between Mike and me, Mike told me that he'd like to get Dee wet through her jeans before taking them off. Thus it was that I sent this advice to him...

"Greet us at the door naked, but take Dee to the bed with her clothes still on. Kiss her a lot and knead her breasts through her shirt. Firm up her nipples through the fabric and tease them. Put your hand up her shirt and caress her belly, play with her tits through her bra. Unzip her and just finger her above her panties gently. Open the flaps of her pants but don't pull the pants down yet. Caress her inner thighs with your fingertips but avoid the middle. Strum her slit through her panties oh so softly and trace the elastic around her legs with a single finger. Then, take off her shirt and bra, but leave the pants on. Lick her breasts - not just the nipples, the entire breasts. Talk and kiss her some more. Giver her a little taste of your cock, perhaps. Kiss often but keep teasing with your hands and fingers. If she goes to take off her own pants, stop her and tell her that she has to wait a little longer. Kiss your way down from her nipples to the top of her panties. Kiss and lick her gently through the fabric. I think you can see where I'm going with all of this. The more you can prolong it, the wetter she'll get, but don't go so slow that she has too much time to start thinking too much. Of course if she's playing with you you're gonna run out of patience and need to cum, but if you can do the tease, you should get that moist crotch band of fabric..."

From Dee's mail to Don this morning...

"Mike and Joe decided during the day to tease me for a while. Mike played with my breasts and rubbed my belly and thighs. They wouldn't let me undress. Mike teased me for about 30 minutes. By the time he reached into my turquoise thong, I was soaking wet..."

Mike achieves the desired effect in his
foreplay and when he takes off Dee's pants
the wet spot on her turquoise thong is evident!

Watching Mike play out the words I had written was one of the most wild scenarios I've ever witnessed in three years of sharing Dee. It was the kind of foreplay that should be the prelude to all affectionate intimacy - not the usual kind that's hurried through because of a lack of time or the urgent call of unrestrained passions. It was as if I could feel Dee's excitement building with each gentle touch of Mike's fingertips and lips to her body - as if I could sense the dew forming on the warm walls of her pussy, then collecting to form the soft stream slowly oozing from her hole and collecting in the fibers of the thong's crotch band.

The times when Mike and I distracted Dee when she was ready to take down her own pants only added to the overall excitement of the scene as we made her wait to feel the full pleasure of having her pussy touched directly during that half hour or so in which Mike built her arousal level to an amazing pitch. I admired Mike's resolve in keeping the slow tease exquisitely paced especially considering that Dee was toying with his cock almost constantly and even sucking and licking it for a while with her pants still on. Her first orgasm on Mike's fingers while I held the crotch of the thong to the side for his probing fingers was electric for all three of us, and when Dee mounted Mike and began her slow ride on his stiff cock I almost moaned my own pleasure in seeing the white cream of her arousal clinging to his shaft.

Dee's mail to Don continues...

"Soon after that I was on top of him, riding him for all I was worth. When my legs got sore, we switched and he got on me. I am sure Joe or Mike will fill you in on the rest as I get a bit fuzzy at this point. I know Mike came twice, Joe came once - all in my pussy. Lord only knows how many times I came!"

No, we don't have to have a whole gang assembled to have a wonderful evening. Sometimes all it takes is a single, special lover to make Dee see as many stars as are visible in the night sky - even with the ceiling of the motel room blocking the direct view of the heavens.

(Our next time out will be to celebrate Dee's and Don's 100th time together and we expect it to be just as magical as their first!)

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