Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Musings: New Dick for Dee

Well, here I am allowing myself to get all worked up over the prospect of Dee entertaining a new lover next week. I really should know better with the number of no-shows we've encountered, particularly after the disappointment with Bob who blew us off back in May. The one who takes the cake, though, was the asshole last year who got cold feet and didn't show up, then asked for another chance which we graciously extended to him only to have him do it to us again; he had the balls to ask for a third chance too which was when I vowed that even second chances are now a thing of the past. The real kick in the nuts is that Dee and I invest a LOT of time in writing to prospective lovers and we extend an invitation to a gentleman only after Dee already has a desire to make love with him; when he doesn't show up and then doesn't have even the decency to apologize, it's a major personal insult and as far as we're concerned he can go screw himself once he disses us.

Part of why Don and Mike are so special to us is because they both treat Dee like a queen, unlike the jerks who disappear on us when an initial date approaches. They're always most concerned about her comfort and her pleasure and no matter how horny they might be on a date night they're always most sensitive to Dee's ability to move about easily which can vary depending on her arthritis pain. They easily adapt their love making techniques to whatever limitations might be imposing themselves on Dee on a particular evening and they understand completely on the evenings when we have to call it a night earlier than usual. On an evening when Dee's pain levels are high they're as happy to make love with her slowly and gently as they are to do her vigorously when she's in top form. And, we know that neither of them would ever cancel on us in the 11th hour unless an absolute catastrophe were standing in the way.

But back to next week and my anticipation... We've been exchanging mails with the new guy, Jason, for weeks now, and take heed anyone who might someday ask us for an evening of pleasure with Dee - the first thing that impressed me about him was his use of the language. Upper-case letters! Punctuation! Paragraphs! Oh, how few and far between letters which include those basic features of the language are. In my estimation, somebody who dots his i's and crosses his t's is more apt to be a respectful person and a well written letter of introduction will always catch my eye when it comes to considering somebody who'd like to bed Dee. Just a snippet from Jason's most recent letter: You sound so laid back and kind. I had never figured I might find a couple like you both that might allow me to join in their wonderful relationship. Thank you for the consideration. How different from: 47/m/pa here would love to meet her which arrived in its bleak, stark entirety a few days ago from somebody who'll never hear from either of us in response. One reaps what one sows.

Jason sent a few pictures of his dick and if you know me you know that I'm enthralled when I'm looking at a cock that Dee's eager to feel inside her. He has a very nice one, and I'd be lying if I said that I haven't imagined it in my mouth as well. Dee's always so sweet with a new lover and she takes the time to study a new lover's cock with eyes and fingers, lips and tongue for a good while during their foreplay. When she touches a particularly sensitive spot on a man's dick and he spasms with the pleasure, a similar jolt goes through me as well. It's so beautiful to me to see my wife giving a lover such pleasure because I know that it's an extension of her caring, generous, affectionate nature, and it's truly special when I watch her do that with a man for the very first time and witness his responses to her ministrations.

Almost every lover whom Dee's entertained has had on his face at various points throughout his first evening with Dee a look of: I can't believe this is really happening! Sometimes it's there as soon as the motel room door closes and Dee shares a first kiss with a new lover. It's often there when Dee's being undressed and her various erogenous zones come into view, and it's almost always there on a guy's face when Dee takes down his zipper, reaches inside, and wraps her little fingers around her new lover's cock or reaches down to caress his balls. I see that look of incredulity usually the first time a man goes down on Dee and he realizes how beautifully responsive she is to his tongue, and likewise the first time he gasps when he feels her lips and tongue on his throbbing cock. I typically see it most wonderfully the first time Dee lifts her legs or scrambles atop her new lover and guides his hard dick inside her while giving him a million watt smile through her innocent little schoolgirl eyes, and then again with equal awe when Dee orgasms and her lover feels her squeezing and milking him with her pussy. It's there too, of course, when Dee verbally encourages her lover to cum and when he finally gushes all of his built up desire into her in that moment of ultimate passion. I'm very much looking foward to seeing Jason's face wearing that look of wonderment during his first evening with us. (One of the things I love most about Mike is that even after 50+ times with us, he still wears that look many times throughout the course of an evening of love making with Dee.)

I'm going to end this one here because I know I'll be doing more of this kind of rambling in the next nine days until we meet with Jason, and I want to savor it a little at a time.

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