Monday, July 11, 2005

Musings: Self Pleasure

For as hot as you know Dee is if you've followed our stories and adventures I could pretty much unzip anytime I have the opportunity and have Dee take down her pants for me, but most of the time we more or less follow our own love making schedule of Sunday and Tuesday evenings here at home while reserving most Thursday evenings to share with her lovers. Noteworthy exceptions are Saturday or Sunday mornings on occasion when Dee gets particularly worked up and gooey while chatting with Mike, or any other time when one of us is especially horned up. If Dee and I were to make love every time one of us had a horny thought, it would get old awfully fast and would likely become a chore to us rather than the wonderful thing that it is because except for meals and using the toilet, we'd never get out of bed. So, for us it's best to follow the schedule that we know works well for us. In having a plan and knowing when we're going to couple it's like having a birthday or Christmas three times a week because we know that something great is coming and that there's going to be something wonderful to unwrap and play with. The rest of the time if I feel like a good spray, I masturbate, and now and then Dee does too.

I experienced my first orgasm, albeit it a dry one, when I was about four or five years old. As I mentioned a while back in this forum, when I was that old I discovered that climbing the pole which held up the back porch by wrapping my arms and legs around it and pulling myself up made my little dick "tickle" in a most phenomenal way. I spent years climbing that pole until I discovered that I could do the same thing with my hand, and I've had a love affair with my cock ever since. In the past thirty-some years I've rarely missed a day of cumming at least once - more when I've have the opportunity.

Nothing beats starting a day with a strong cup of coffee and a good squirt! Our morning schedules are such that I can usually pull one off when Dee's in the shower without making either of us late for work, so often I begin my days with a toe curling climax while looking at pictures of Dee sucking and fucking on our last date with the guys. (Though I often look at hot pics of other guys' wives when I start stroking myself, I invariably pull up some of Dee's pics when it's time to cum.) After work I have the opportunity to give myself a quick one if I'm exceptionally horny before I have to pick the kid up from school, and in the evenings when Dee and daughter often go out to the gym or to do some shopping I have yet another chance for some great self pleasure of which I often take advantage. The only days when I try to limit myself to one orgasm, usually the morning one, are Wednesdays, to ensure that Thursday evening's when we're out at the motel will be one of the fireworks kind of climaxes.

I make no apologies for being a chronic masturbator. After all, though I do it compulsively, I've not yet become the stereotype of that guy who only pulls up his pants when the pizza delivery guy is at the door and I don't miss work because of it. I've probably shot enough semen since junior high to float a small fishing boat, and I'm working on making that an aircraft carrier.

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