Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Musings: Through the Back Door

Imagine having a woman on all fours, your hands full of her ass cheeks, watching her suck another guy's cock, and looking down to see your rock hard dick skewering her tight little asshole with long, firm strokes that bury you to the balls in her hot ass with each push. Think about her moaning - with pleasure - feel her fingers reaching down between her legs to caress your balls and hear her telling you - urging you to fill up her ass with your hot cum. See her cumming four or five times while you're fucking her ass - her back muscles rippling, and her already tight ass squeezing you even tighter with each spasm of her orgasms. Feel yourself after about fifteen or twenty minutes of rhythmically sliding in and out of her ass finally giving into her urging and cumming up inside her butt, then easing her forward and lying atop her with your dick still firmly embedded in her ass to have her turn to glance at you and say, "Thank you," through a wide grin. If you have a good imagination and followed all of that, you've put yourself into a place where Don has been many, many times in the past three years, and will likely be tomorrow evening when we get together with him and Mike.

In nineteen years of marriage Dee allowed me to try to fuck her in the ass twice. Each time lasted about five seconds and ended abruptly with her near screaming for me to take it out with only about half of the head of my cock in her butt. Then came the change three years ago, and a week after she and Don made love for the first time I fucked Dee's ass long and hard. She loved it! She came hard. I came like there was no tomorrow nearly wailing like a banshee with glee, and Dee was an anal virgin no longer. Since then Don's enjoyed a steady diet of Dee's hot ass wrapped around his dick and he's probably cum up there nearly 80 times or so to date. Although I do her in the ass on occasion, I much prefer her pussy, so when she waits the two weeks or so which are typical between our meetings with Don she's well primed for a solid ass fucking. Did you ever see the Disney commercial where a little kid looks up at Mickey Mouse and with awe in his eyes exclaims, "I've been waiting my whole life to meet you!" I saw that same look and heard that same wonderment once when Don was in the middle of fucking Dee's ass and she sighed, "Oh! I was looking forward to this all day!" What a woman!

I still don't understand how she climaxes four or five or more times while she's being fucked in the ass. I have many pictures of Don's long dick working her back door and his cock is nowhere near her clit, yet the moans and groans when she's getting it up the backside are generally louder and longer than any we might hear when she's taking it in the pussy. I've tried Don in my own ass a number of times hoping that somehow the magic might be unleashed and that I'd cum like crazy like my wife does, but all we've gotten out of it were a few scenes that could rival the, "Squeal like a piggy," scene from Deliverance. Actually, the first half of Don's dick up there feels pretty good, but it's those last few inches that make me see stars and not in a good way.

Perhaps a third of Dee's lovers have enjoyed her ass and I can attest that she's enjoyed having every single one of them up there. I'm not quite sure how Ted managed to work his thick tool up into that tight ring using only the coating of Dee's pussy cream on his cock for lube, but he did and she loved every last inch of it. Another evening that stands out in my mind was when Mike had himself a three hole night and managed to cum in Dee's mouth, pussy, and ass in the course of a few hours of play. Then too, there's the times when Don worked his dick into Dee's ass while Tom was firmly sheathed in her pussy, but it never lasted more than a minute or so because the positions were quite precarious and risked one of them getting hurt if Don slipped and fell forward. They really make it look much too easy in the movies.

Tomorrow will be Don's and Dee's 99th time together since July of '03. We're not sure of when their 100th time will be because Don will be doing some summer traveling, but we'll be sure to do it up as big as we can when it happens. Meanwhile there's tomorrow evening and I'm fairly certain that Dee will be up for a great big rectal romp with Mr. Happy - (Don's pet name for his dick and it's appropriately named I'd say!).

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Matt in chicago said...

looking forward to the pics. I always look forward to Friday/Saturday so I can see the update and live vicariously through Dee's lovers.