Saturday, July 02, 2005

Musings: Of the Various and Sundry Sort

Some varied thoughts creeping through my head this morning. Perhaps I'll treat some of them at length in the future, but for now I just want to purge my noggin and express them as best I can.

First of all - and this is profound, so make sure you're sitting... I discovered the connection between love and sex this morning. Just like that it came to me like one of those Eureka! things with the lightbulb over my head and everything. It's this... Great sex can be had without love, but sometimes feelings of deep love need sex. There are times when I'm inside Dee... she's smiling up at me and rubbing my balls in her "cum in me, baby" kind of way... and I feel such intense love for her that I wish that my cock were just a kind of pseudopod for my entire self and that somehow all of me could flow through it to be inside her - for all of my being to be contained totally within her warm, loving body. That's when profound love needs sex - when there's no other way to be closer to the one you love than to be inside her and to wish you could be in her even deeper so your sense of self could get completely lost in hers.

I started the day by checking out some of the nudie pics I downloaded en masse from the newsgroups yesterday and realized that subtlety is lost on me. The old pics like they published in Playboy in the 60s couldn't even make my dick wink a little no matter how damned pretty the girl is with her, "Don't you wish?" eyes and suggestive but coy posture that hides even her bush. I want to see a lady on her back with her legs up and apart showing me her swollen vulva and so-wet-that-it's-dripping hole. I want to see a lady who's ready to be fucked like there's no tomorrow - no crotchless panties, hosiery, bustier, etc., just fully bare and ready to ride or be ridden hard. So, if you're showing your wives naked on the 'net, boys, get those legs up like TV antennae and show me where you live!

I'm still totally impressed by Dee's eagerness to fuck. You'd have to have known just how bleak things were in our "bad old days" to appreciate the difference, but the stark contrast between then and now makes my head spin even after watching her screw the guys just about every week for the past three years. This past Thursday as soon as the guys had her clothes off she led them to the bed and tangled her legs up in Tom's. From then on out there was no stopping except to pee as she took Tom, Mike and me in turn and then went back around for seconds. I love how much she loves the dick and enjoys cumming unabashedly with her bottom heaving and her pussy squeezing the cock embedded inside it with a death grip. And I love how much she enjoys returning the pleasure to each lover when she milks his dick deliberately and exquisitely with mouth, pussy, or ass to make him cum.

I don't know if we'll be doing anything or nothing for the 4th yet so if you don't see me here again before then, have a happy one if you're here in the USA with us. Thank God and the guys who fought and fight for the liberty which allows us to express our innermost thoughts even when they're the kind that a lot of folks wish we'd keep under the covers.

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