Friday, July 08, 2005

Musings: A Tongue, A Dick, A Moment

If you've spent any time here reading through the backlog you already know that I have somewhat of an obsession regarding Dee's sex with Richie, a married man with whom she played back when she was in her teens. He was her boss at a summer job - in his 30's or 40's (Dee doesn't really know.) - and they took a mutual shine to each other which led to them doing some heavy petting during the summers when she was 16 and 17; she gave him the gift of her virginity a few months after she turned 18 and was back on the job for the summer of '81. One of the sentences from a piece of her writing about her times with Richie bounces around in my head now and then, and last night I was reminded of it in living color when we were at the motel with Don and Mike.

We ended up in a room with two double beds and I was lying on one taking pictures of Don and Mike tending to Dee's wanton, naked needs on the other. It was about halfway through the evening's play when I glanced over and saw something in which that sentence that Dee had written of her experiences with Richie played out before me; Dee was lying on her back for Mike to lick her pussy and Don had positioned himself so that by turning her head to the side she could take his cock in her mouth. I was enjoying the sights through the viewfinder of the Fuji and savoring the sounds of Mike's tongue lapping away in Dee's crease and the juicy sounds of her moist lips working Don's dick. When Dee's giving head she often takes the guy's cock out of her mouth to flick her tongue briskly around the glans and the underside where she knows we're most sensitive and I was watching her do that with Don for a while when suddenly one of my random shots with the camera burned itself into my eyeball. There was the flat broad surface of Dee's tongue caressing the underside of Don's glans and her sentence about Richie flashed through my head as if it had been written in huge neon lights. She was probably 16 or 17 when Richie made the request that I obsess over and of it she wrote: He asked me to suck him but I didn't like the idea at that time so I would lick his cock... Those three words make an entire movie in my head: LICK HIS COCK! How many times I pictured my honey three years younger than she was when I met her, licking her married lover's hard prick like a lollipop, and there I was last night in that split second when she ran her tongue under Don's cockhead feeling as if I were watching her with Richie - something that will likely remain forever atop my fantasy list.

When I downloaded the pics from the card here at home late last night the first thing I did was to search for that picture and sure enough it was just as remarkable as the moment itself had been out at the motel. I was hoping it would be, and luck was with me! I know that that snap is destined to become and remain one of my favorite shots of all time and that I'll be enjoying it with my fist around my dick many times in the years ahead. Though I'll probably never get to see Richie and Dee go at it, I will always be on the lookout for moments such as this one in which something she wrote or told me about her tender years with her older lover is recreated for a split second before my eyes. Though they're few and far between, the searing heat of those fleeting scenarios scorches me - but it burns so GOOD!

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