Thursday, July 21, 2005

Musings: Tonight's the Night!

A peek at the outfit that
Mike and Jason will help Dee
remove this evening to begin
an evening of great pleasure!

After weeks, and near 70 letters back and forth, tonight's the night! Jason will be joining us for the evening's festivities - if he doesn't get cold feet. I shudder when considering the possibility that he could balk in the 11th hour because too much of me is keyed up to see him play with Dee for the first time.

I love all of the "firsts" when somebody new joins us. His first kiss with Dee when his hands slide up inside her blouse to caresss her tits through her bra (if she's wearing one). His first smile when she returns his kiss more passionately than he imagined she might. His first actual views of Dee's body as he undresses her and reveals the parts of her that he'd only seen before in pictures - that moment when he takes off her bra and kisses her big nipples to find them as hard as his excited cock. His first tentative probe of her cleft with a trembling finger and the delight which follows when he feels first hand how wet and swollen she is for him. The first time she slips her fingers around the circumference of his cock and runs her fingertips down behind his balls. That first time when I'll see her lips engulf the knob of his dripping dick and then watch her lick her way down his shaft to tongue his balls. And, the piece de resistance - that hallowed moment when the full length of his bare cock will enter her warm, wet belly until his balls are pressed firmly up against her buns! And, later, perhaps - that same monumental entry into Dee, but this time into her ass! I want this all to happen tonight with Jason so much that I can taste it.

It's early yet - earlier than I'd get a mail in the morning from Jason himself - and so I'm full of nervous energy waiting for a letter from him to seal the plans that we made for this evening. I have my mailer configured to forward any of his mails to my cell phone for when I have to step out in a little while. I know if my phone plays its little text message tune that my cock is going to respond to it in an instant. I'll need to drink a lot of water today so I don't dehydrate from all of the precum I'm leaking into my boxers.

If you know us at all, you know that this is more than just about Dee having sex with a new guy. It's about how much Dee and I love each other and how we positively glow with happiness on the way home on an evening such as this one we're anticipating. The utter bliss, joy, contentment, and love of life that we feel on that ride home when we're holding hands in the car is the deepest emotion my heart has ever known. What we want most of all is to send Jason home tonight feeling some of those same things which will have spilled over from our inability to contain them within ourselves.

Ironically, Jason's first mail just came in! "Good morning. I would like to say that I'm calm about tonight, but I'm still nervous. I still plan on making the trip tonite, as I would hate to disappoint you this late in the game."

I hope that tomorrow at this time, dear reader, you'll be sharing in my excitement with me as I recount how the evening of pleasure plays out for us.

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