Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Musings: Odds 'n Ends

Only two more days to go until Jason makes love with Dee for the first time! I met him yesterday just for us to say hello to each other, and now, more than ever, I can't wait till he joins us and Dee helps him out of his clothes. He's a really nice guy. No matter how much I might write to somebody, (and Jason and I wrote to each other a lot), it all comes down to an eyeball and a handshake. I was very pleased to have met him yesterday to see that he's just as genuine as he came across in his mails. It's been nearly a full year since Dee's been fucked hard and deep by a new guy and we're very much anticipating how much fun we're all going to have.

This week's "adventure" will bring our third full year of sharing Dee to a close and next week's will begin our fourth. We're not sure if Don will be back in town or able to get together next week, but if he can make it, it'll be spectacular. Because he was Dee's first extramarital lover it would wonderful if he could "ring in the new year" with us. Besides that, the next time he joins us will mark his 100th time of being with Dee and it would be nicely fitting if his 100th coincided with the start of another fun year.

Saturday will mark the actual anniversary of that first time that Don did Dee so check here for my retrospective on the past three years sometime soon. Sharing Dee is a dynamic thing and it's constantly evolving. I do my best to report on where it's at as often as I can, and annually I reflect on it all. In the past I simply mailed my reflections to my list of online friends, but this year I'll put it here for whomever ventures in to read it.

I wish that I could, in turn, pose questions to you, my readers. I'd love to know where you're coming from and what it is that draws you here, particularly if you have me bookmarked and check back from time to time. (Not you, Mike! LOL! I know you're always here!) In part, these writings are a way for me to give back some of what I got from the writings of others when I enjoyed sharing Dee only vicariously in reading of the experiences of others and fantasizing. If you have a minute, I'd like to hear from you, especially if there's anything I might say by way of enlightenment to encourage you to take the leap of faith into sharing your own wife if it's something you think about all the time.

Here's a quick peek at Jason's cock. In two days there's going to be a marvelous sheen on it after he dips it into Dee to feel how wet she is and to learn just how much she's been looking forward to feeling him inside her.