Friday, August 12, 2005

Musings: Improve Your Sex Vocabulary!

Thanks to a CNN article online about new words making their debuts in the Oxford Dictionary of English I improved my vocabulary! I'd never heard of "scopophilia" (which, surprisingly, isn't the love of having your anus probed medically) before, which the big book o' words defines as "sexual pleasure derived chiefly from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity." And all along I thought the proper term was "taking digital pictures while my wife is fucking other guys!" I'm thinking a tee shirt with a big SCOPOPHILE emblazoned across the front might be in order except thanks to the resident Freak of Neverland and a few errant Catholic priests even a term as innocuous as "bibliophile" at first glance now makes people think you've been doing something nasty with little kids, before they pause to do the etymology if they're capable.

So, yes, now I'm officially a scopophile! (Damn! That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?) One of the fringe benefits of sharing Dee is the ability to watch real people having sex - something most folks will do only in the movies. Believe me, even looking down and seeing your own Johnson buried to the hilt in your favorite lady's warm cooze is totally unlike watching "IT" happen when you're removed from the action and of spectator status. It's not a quantitative difference; it's qualitative. Without the distraction of gauging your own performance every step of the way (Most decidedly a guy thing.) in watching others do the horizontal mambo you're more able to appreciate the subtle nuanances of the bodies and the act - the scent of a well aroused, juicy, wanton pussy - the slitchy sounds of a stiff dick drilling a wet hole or a soft set of lips slurping on a puffy cock head - the barely discernable twitch of an anus to accompany an overt spasm of orgasmic bliss. It's almost always somewhat surreal to experience the entire smorgasbord of the senses involved in being witness to an intimate coupling - enjoying a "scopophiliactic moment," as it were. (In the case of an attempted double penetration, though, the surrealism approaches the style of Escher where something's out of whack but you can't really tell where.)

A big tip of the hat to the professional wordsmythes who decided to add "scopophilia" to the official lexicon. It's always heartening when a new "dirty word" makes the charts, especially when it's one that you've not only read about, but experienced first hand - (provided that it's not something disgusting).

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