Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Musings: MILFs and Daisy Dukes

Today's local paper carried an article by Tanika White of the Baltimore Sun that begins: Just because Jessica Simpson looks amazing in her Daisy Dukes short-shorts... that doesn't mean you should run right out and buy a pair... Ms. White goes on to insult implicitly just about all women over age 25 who aren't sculpted like the scrawny but fuckable Simpson by pretty much coming right out and saying that nobody wants to see them dressed like that with a good portion of scrumptious ass cheek peeking out. I wholeheartedly take great exception to White's outlook, and if you're a devoted MILF watcher like me, you do too.

Now I'm not saying that I'd like to see a whole bunch of MILFy goodness on public display all the time and everywhere. For example, when I'm at church I'd prefer not to be distracted by a beautifully formed set of buns dripping out of the bottom of a pair of skimpy shorts, just as if I were at... Wait. OK, I guess church is just about the only exception after all. Never mind. Bring on the buns!

If we're talking booty - one of those great big old bubble butts on a woman who's nearly as wide in the caboose as she is tall, or if we're talking about somebody like Dee's sister who's tragically misshapen - (Frankly, the woman looks like an amoeba with odd bulges of cellulite sticking out all over the place.) - then keep the ass - the WHOLE ass in the pants, please. For the average MILF, though, there's no reason why she should need to keep the glutes under wraps, especially if there's a nicely shaped set of legs naturally leading the leering eye up to them. Well, unless she's going to church, of course.

Anybody else suspecting that Tanika White probably grew up with the nickname "Crisco" for being fat in the can?

If you don't agree that Dee's MILFy ass
looks incredibly edible in her Daisy Dukes,
you're reading the wrong blog.

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