Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Musings: Playin' Wit' My Weenie

I just squeezed off a really great orgasm on the couch a little while ago while watching a piece of porn called "Czech It Out." OK, so the brainless blondes were about as Czech as lassies with McCarthy and O'Donnell for surnames, but could they suck a knob like a work of art! This was only about an hour after I volleyed out a huge load of cum while using a hobby motor with a hunk of lead soldered to the shaft as great big vibrator, while watching a video of Dee fucking Jerry. Quality alone time is rare these days but it's always used advantageously when the opportunity for some self pleasure is at hand - or at vibrator for that matter.

I woke up today at 6:20 AM with my dick already singing to me. Don wrote in the eleventh hour last night that he'd be meeting with Jane and Henry for a fun romp this morning. Knowing that I could escape from work for the afternoon without a hassle I asked Dee if I could join the threesome depending on what time they'd be playing together. Of course she assented with a smile and told me to have fun as she headed out to work, but alas, the scheduled tryst among our friends was planned for 9 AM which I found out in reading my e-mail at work - too early for me to join them. I decided to blow off the afternoon anyway and when I got home I was more than ripe for a good squirt or two. I love pondering just how cool is my life. What other guy went off to work this morning with his wife's blessing to have sex with another woman and two guys? Nobody I know by name, at least.

Most of the time when I crank my cock I keep a pair of boxers around my knees in case somebody comes down for an aspirin at night, or I hear Dee's "kid taxi" pulling up in front of the house, but with the place entirely to myself for the afternoon I was able to get fully nude to pleasure myself. As I laid there pulling Ye Olde Dicke I was tempted to get out the camera and set it up on the tripod to take some pics of myself for old times sake. Back when I was rabidly bi-curious and free websites didn't have a ton of pop-up and spyware garbage attached to them I had a huge site up and running for the better part of a year featuring over 500 pics of me naked and playing with my cock in every imaginable way. I loved showing myself off to everybody who was into chubby guys. The more hits the site got the more pics I put up and any time Dee and the kids went out somewhere the door was hardly closed when I was stripping down and setting up the camera. I never did figure out what's up with Japanese guys and their love of fat men, but I got more hits from Japan that everywhere else in the world combined.

Gee, two great climaxes and I'm already feeling like another one...

My hard cock squirting some cum
for the guys who enjoyed my own
website back when I was bi-curious
and only living in the fantasy.

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