Sunday, August 28, 2005

Musings: Of the Various and Sundry Kind

Brief Prologue

The past hour was spent fitfully dozing and waking. My body wanted to go back to sleep but my racing brain wanted to write, and each time I awoke something new was going through it and wanting to be written down. For now, the brain wins. This afternoon I'll indulge in a great big teddy bear kind of a nap.

What first? Different thoughts. A disjointed entry...

Fun in Ye Olde Bed

Had some fun with Dee last night. Even though it was past her usual bedtime I was wearing the horns and suggested that she lie back with one of the new books I got her and let my tongue do the walking. Dee likes those little story books with skilled staff writers that pretend to be full of letters sent in by dirty minded readers, and often has her nose in one while I have my own nose in her cleft. Oh, how I love to tease her, licking till she's getting close to climaxing and then slowing the pace or diverting my tongue from buzzing around her clit, down to probe her juicy hole till her urge to cum slides back under the radar. It was probably twenty minutes to a half an hour after I started that I went for the gold and gave Dee the lingual coup de grace. When her bottom heaves and squirms all over my face - Ah! That's living!

Dee scrambled to return the favor as soon as the last of her spasms and twitches subsided. Sometimes when she sucks my dick it feels thousands of times better than others; I've yet to determine why that is, but when it's happening the ability to reason goes right out the window. Last night her oral favors were right up there for the record books and when she took my cock out of her mouth to lick my balls I almost guided her head back up to my knob. With that first electric conctact of the tip of her tongue with my nuts, though, I knew it belonged there and I was doing some remarkable squirming of my own. When my cock was throbbing sufficiently I asked Dee to get into the doggie style position so I could watch myself fucking her. She graciously got onto elbows and knees to present her delicious dripping bottom to me, and with my gaze riveted to her opening I watched my cock disappear up into her as I felt her warmth envelop me.

Unfortunately, my knees aren't what they used to be and I had to stop before I could summon up the urge to cum. I laid back to give them a rest and once more Dee went for my balls with her mouth. I started to stroke myself lightly as her tongue tripped the light fantastic on the boys, but when she opened her lips wide and pressed her full open mouth against them I couldn't help but to jerk my dick with feeling. Then came one of life's toughest decisions: Do I keep going because the sensations are maddening, or do I stop the whole process to fuck Dee and cum in that tight, creamy hole that I wish I could live in? I had no choice, really. With the warmth of Dee's whole mouth surrounding my balls and her tongue licking them all over there was no stopping. My ass tightened up, my toes curled, I moaned, and I anointed her right shoulder as my plumbing opened up and my cock erupted with long blasts of goo.

They Really Should Know

The older I get the more conscious I am of all the women I'd love to fuck. I was walking through a store at the mall just yesterday when Dee and daughter were off doing some back to school shopping, and I spied a hot milfy type behind the perfume counter. Of course I wanted to bend her right over the Estée Lauder display, hike up her skirt, slip her panties to the side, and climb up inside. Yet, she had that look about her which would suggest that she had absolutely no idea that every day hundreds of guys probably saw her, mentally undressed her, and pictured her doing the oingo-boingo on their cocks. I even imagined myself going up to her and outright telling her something about how beautiful and desirable she looked, but having been that crew cut sporting, bespectacled Gary Larson caricature of the fat boy for most of my life I still have a hearty distaste for rejection of any sort and just kept walking by quietly, mentally chewing on my knuckles, and enjoying the feeling of having all of my teeth snugly secure in their sockets.

I want to fuck everybody. Every woman who isn't a troll. Yes, there are some mustachioed little gals who have more folds than the bellows of an accordion whom I wouldn't do, and there are a few drop dead gorgeous women who have the personality of Atilla the Hun whom I'd not trust within a wide country mile of my cock. (I work with one of the latter types and what a waste of sweet skin!) I have to believe that I'm not alone in this - that I'm not the only guy who at least thinks about banging just about every woman I see. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that most women are totally oblivious to this - that most of the women at any workplace don't know that most of the guys there would like to dick them silly.

One More Shot

The older I get the more I find myself thinking about my first "clothes off" girlfriend. "M" was truly nondescript - a little pixiesque with a cute button nose, but otherwise plain. She had adorable handfuls of tit, each capped with a darling puffy nipple, and her ass was perfect. I savored a good view of her butt, especially when it was right in my nose with her atop me in a juicy soixante-neuf. It had been nearly 20 years since I'd last seen her when she appeared at my grandmother's wake a few years ago, and true to form I stood there next to the bier looking right through M's clothes and remembering all of the Sunday afternoons we shared with our clothes puddled on my bedroom floor. Starting our sexual explorations with her at age 13 to my 14, she was my Recussi-Annie of sex and I learned the basics of a woman's body with her as she studied the rudiments of pleasuring a cock with me. She was my first suck and swallow. My first cunnilingus. My first fuck.

I'll always hate myself a little for doing the classic adolescent guy thing - losing resepect for her precisely because she was so generous to me with her sexual favors. I'd like to make it up to her - (And how ridiculous is this?) - by making love to her just once. One time with our somewhat withered middle age skin with previously supple body parts pointing a tad toward the South. But with passion. With feeling. With all of what I too late in life discovered can be expressed between two souls in their intimate, carnal union. Is it proper to fantasize about propositioning a woman who comes to pay her respects at a wake? Don't answer that!

Brief Epilogue

And they're just some of the things that my brain was juggling this morning when the rest of me wanted to snooze some more. Aren't you glad that you don't have to wake up inside THIS head every morning? Nah. I like being me - goofy thoughts and all.

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