Friday, August 26, 2005

Musings: "White Marcias"

The last thing I heard Dee say before she went out the door to work this morning - after all of the kisses, the I love yous, and the Have a good days - was, "White Marcias." I chuckled and my heart skipped a beat to her playfulness. White Marcias indeed! It's the affectionate name we've given to Dee's plain, white, cotton panties, and she was telling me that they're what she's wearing today.

You'd have to have been a boy growing up the early 70's to understand the full import of "White Marcias." You'd have to have come close to nearly licking your TV screen some Friday evenings when Maureen McCormick assumed the role of Marcia Brady - teen goddess to millions of adolescent guys like myself who wanted to dick her before we even knew that our little cocks were good for more than taking a leak. Of course, Eve Plumb in the role of Jan made my little tiddley wink too, but she was more of a goodie-goodie. Marcia had that sparkle of naughty written all over her - the kind of naughty that would have teased the living shit out of all of us guys who lusted after her weekly - if we had any idea of what that kind of naughty was all about. She was a spitfire, a vixen - the kind of girl you wouldn't take home to meet mom 'cause instinctively you knew mom would hate her for being so damned pretty and HOT looking. Marcia wore virginal white panties. Even if Miss McCormick had something wildly psychedelic on under her pants - her character wore white cotton panties. She just had to. If Marcia Brady didn't wear white cotton panties I'd need to rewrite a portion of my childhood and rework a good chunk of my erotic belief system. So, it's a given - Marcia wore 'em and that's that!

Then for the "White Marcias" that rolled off Dee's tongue on her way out the door this morning to smack you with a good ZING! to the forehead you'd really have to know Dee's other side a lot better than you can in how we present her persona online. Here she's always featured as a woman with a ravenous appetite for sex, and she certainly is that, but she's also one of the sweetest, most soft spoken, kindest, gentlest, most innocent looking middle aged ladies who can turn on a schoolgirl's cherubic face complete with huge brown saucer eyes in an instant. When you see that side of her, you'd never imagine her sweet, round ass cheeks defined perfectly by the thong she's sporting under her pants. You'd never think she's the same woman who just last night used her mouth, pussy, and ass to entertain her husband and two lovers most delightfully. You'd never imagine that underneath that demure look was a lady who's at times soaking the crotchband of her pants in her eagerness to strip them off for a lover to slip his dick up into her and fill her up with cum.

It's that juxtaposition of the Dee who's the innocent little Marcia Brady type with the Dee who's hotter than any porn star I've ever seen that makes her wearing the "White Marcias" an absolutely giddy thing to me. They are the archetype of feminine innocence and underneath those very white cotton panties which she wore off to work today was that magnificent hot wife pussy that just last night played amusement park to three horny, throbbing cocks. My own dear wife is the very girl I lusted for all my life - and so much more - all wrapped up so sweetly just like a good girl is supposed to be in virginal white!

Seeing Dee's hot pussy covered by a demure pair
of plain, white, cotton panties always makes me
kind of giddy in the ironic contrast of perceived
innocence with the raw, wanton lust lying just
beneath that thin band of cotton fabric.

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