Friday, September 09, 2005

Musings: Eine Kleine Fuktmusik!

Maestro! Eine Kleine Fuktmusik! A little fuck music, if you please! A downside of having to go to work on the morning after the night before is too much time to think during the course of the workday without sufficient time to write anything down. Thoughts strike the mental ear all over the place, like random notes from an orchestra warming up, but without coalescing into a melody. Thus it is that an early morning whopper of an idea passes through one's head without a chance to expand on it until much later in the day at which point what was a fresh booger of an idea at the outset is left as a dried crusty in the handkerchief. I got up this morning all eager to share here some details of last night's fuck date with Don and Mike, and now - pffffffft! What I'd started writing on my PDA this morning, before once again I decided that it wasn't worth the effort of trying to stylus into the damned thing what I was thinking, never finished becoming even a single sentence. Here I am hours later, wanting to write, but having lost the momentum of the orignal impetus.

What I'd basically started with this morning was noting that the average bear might think that after having spent over 150 some odd times of watching my wife enjoying the sexual favors of other men, I might be a bit jaded and weary of it all, but that nothing could be further from the truth. We had to take last week off from having a fuck date because Dee hadn't been feeling well, and after a mere two weeks of her having no extracurricular cock I think I was craving her getting a good screwing as much as she was herself. Dee's just so alive when her pants are off and her lovers are hard for her, and her joy is contagious. I'm sure that Don and Mike would agree that Dee's hapiness is as much a thrill to them as their own is when we're all naked together, ultimately for her pleasure.

But - that's what I was thinking this morning. At the end of the workday, while waiting for a few things to finish so I could hit the road, the title, Eine Kleine Fuktmusik hit me in the head and I started wondering what music might best accompany one of Dee's evenings with a lover. Some of the best of her orgasms, while being fucked vigorously in the ass, would have to be acheived to the driving beat of Miami Sound Machine's Conga. Watching Dee's magnificent ass rising and falling while she's riding a lover's stiff dick and he's thrusting upward to match her motions - a regular rhythm - a Sousa march, perhaps, reminiscent of a merry-go-round ride to a regular beat. Anything except Liberty Bell 'cause the last thing I want to picture is Eric Idle in drag. Dee's mouth and tongue all over a man's balls - something slow and with feeling like Three Times a Lady. Sucking dick - hmmmmmm, lively but not too boisterous - Boogie Oogie Oogie, maybe. Then again, Dee's soft little moans of pleasure are truly music enough and the perfect accompaniment to anything she does with her clothes off.

Here's wishing everybody a relaxing weekend with lots of orgasms. Life's short; cum as much as you can!

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Mozart would have approved.