Saturday, September 10, 2005

Musings: Soul Food

I woke up this morning humping the sheets. Well, not literally, but my dick was definitely the first part of my body to yell out a hearty, "Good morning!" and it considerately pointed out the way as I took only half awake steps toward the coffee pot. I passed by Dee and gave her a good morning smooch; she was already at her PC answering some fan mails and chatting with Mike, but she looked a little green around the gills. The old irritable bowel thing, so it was over to my computer rather than suggesting a run upstairs. I sat here pondering what I might write and selected a few pics to post over at Wife Lovers, but before I could do much of anything Dee said she was heading up just to lie down for a while and asked if I wanted to join her in a snuggle. I said if it could be with all of our clothes off to count me in; and so it happened.

I don't think in 23 years (as of next month, officially) that I've ever enjoyed what I call "naked cuddles" with Dee more than I did this morning. As I spooned in and felt much of her bare body press in against mine, there was a decidedly magical feeling to it all. My cock behaved itself in spite of my having come awake earlier wearing the horns, and I'm glad it did 'cause if it had done nothing but poke between Dee's ass cheeks with a, "Come out and play!" insistence, I'd have missed some very sweet quality time with her. Neither of us fell asleep, but rather laid there quietly each enjoying the presence of the other - a very intimate but non-sexual closeness, and I'm fairly certain that Dee would agree that she felt too that amazing oneness that only soul mates can feel when both of their hearts are keeping the same beat. I could feel my love for her as if it had a tangible presence of its own. I nuzzled my lips against her bare back and kissed her softly. I was so perfectly content that I actually cooed. After a while she turned to face me. We pulled each other closer than I'd have thought possible. It felt like we were sharing the same skin. It was as perfect a time as I'd ever had with her.

At some point while I was holding Dee I thought of Samson and Delilah over at Philosophy of Being and their remarkable polyamorous lifestyle, and I realized that I could never be truly polyamorous myself. Yes, I know that Dee loves Mike and Don in her own way, as I do too in mine, but I could never be OK with her being in love with either of them or with her spending large chunks of time with either of them to my exclusion. Though I've shared her sexually with a number of men, and very emotionally in that same context with Mike and Don so many times, at my core I'm still a very jealous and possessive person. It's because without Dee, I'd be nothing. I don't just say that; I know it to be true. Without her, there would be no me as I am. I'd be a shell - as empty as could be.

I know not what the future holds, but I know that right now at this point in my life I have it all. I have a wife with whom I'm head over heels in love and who has the sexual appetite of a sixteen year old boy. She is my "soul food" - all that my spirit needs. What more could I possibly want? Well, OK, sex with an entire room full of hot MILFs hell bent on draining my balls till I'm ejaculating dust - but other than that? Not a thing!


E-E said...

Hi.. I've also been over at Philosophy of Being and read Raven daily (we are actually becoming good correspondants).
My current b/f and I are dabbling w/ threesomes. We actually just did.
And now I'm struggling w/ all of these emotions... jealousy, selfishness... and thoughts of exclusivity or even love. How do you DO it??? It seems so much harder for a women... we often don't detach enough... but is that the right thing to DO? Detach...?

Dee's Husband Joe said...

I don't know about others, but no - I never detach. I like what I'm feeling when another man is making love with Dee and making her cum - just as much as I like it when I'm that man myself. My focus is always on her whether or not I'm a part of what she's enjoying at any particular moment, and I'm always emotionally joined to her.

deeslittlemike said...

A wonderful post Joe. Thanks so much for sharing.

I made a post today on my blog about our friendship. I didnt say love in it but you are right I do love both you and Dee in the way three close friends can share love.

Thanks again to you and Dee for being the special caring friends I have needed recently.

Hope that isnt to mushy for a Sunday morning, LOL.


Dee's Husband Joe said...

Mike, you're always the perfect consistency of mushy for us! ;)

Philosophy of Being said...

Joe, Dee, Mike and all! No matter the suttle differences, we all are living an honest and loving existence.

The love of one on one vs. the love of being with each other and sharing pleasure.

Kudos to us all!

Much Happiness,

Mac said...

What a beautiful description of the love you have for Dee. It really touched me. Mac