Sunday, September 04, 2005

Musings: Go Out and Do It!

I can't much speak for the gentler gender because I've never had a pussy with its associated hormones rushing through me (for which I often thank the Lord because I'd surely kill somebody if I ever had PMS, I wouldn't survive a single menstrual period without suffering a nervous breakdown, and childbirth - anything and everything about childbirth that I never have to experience) but I remember with relish how it felt to be an adolescent male with more testosterone than I knew what to do with, and I recall how damned exciting it was to have that much "power" coursing through me - so much of it that the mere thought of half of a woman's bare nipple gave me not only a steel hard erection that you could have hung a winter coat on, but which literally made me tremble with an aching need that I wasn't even sure how to satisfy.

Now pay attention! A short quiz follows this next paragraph...

I recall fondly having licked my first pussy when I was 14 and my little honey of a partner was a year my junior, and I remember the absolute excitement of it all in Technicolor™. It was on the couch in the TV room at my parents' house, and she was my sister's best friend; my parents were out, and my sister was in the kitchen working the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. After I spent a good amount of time convincing "M" to let me put my tongue down there between her legs, I laid an afghan over her (in case my sister came into the room) and worked her pants and panties down to her ankles. I crawled under the afghan (which had holes big enough to admit light and air) so it would form an impromptu tent over us, and with my first inhalation of the amazing scent of M's turned on pussy I began to pant. Literally. I panted like an overheated dog and my heart felt like it was near going to burst from my chest. I parted M's labia - both sets - with my trembling fingertips and I ran the tip of my tongue up the full length of her vulva, from her juicy opening right over the little bud of her clitoris. With my first taste of pussy I discovered that I was drooling as well as panting. (In an instant, cunnilingus became a lifelong passion. If you could add up all the inches my tongue has traveled along women's creases - we're talking miles and miles of pussy licking pleasure.)

And now for that quiz... This isn't rhetorical and you can answer it to yourself... When was the last time you felt such a blazing excitement - about anything sexual?

Show of hands... How many of you are reading this sex related blog because there's something missing in your life in terms of wonderfully fulfilling sex? In terms of rabid sexual excitement?

OK, keep your hand up if you have a fantasy or two that can still make your heart pump a little faster than usual. Something you can think about and imagine which will give you that rock hard dick that you remember feeling in your pants when you were in your young teens. (Again, ladies, I don't know if you're with me here 'cause I don't have a set of what you have and I don't know if it's the same for women - if they ever think of something sexual and say to themselves I just have to have me some of that!) Anyway hold that picture of your own #1 fantasy in your brain for a while,... (Vamp until ready.) ... and now do something, even take a baby step, to set the fulfillment of the fantasy into motion!

I'm not out to be anybody's personal devil sitting on the shoulder and poking you in the neck with a pitchfork, and I can't say that you won't fuck up your life as you know it but good if you go out onto a limb to feel a kind of excitement that you might have thought was gone for good, but I can assure you that it's still very possible to feel that same rampant craziness in middle age that you felt in adolescence. For me it was sucking cock that did it - or my desire to do it. After I became bi-curious it was like I was 14 again and all excited to lick my first pussy, except this time it would be a big, stiff dick and a set of plump, round balls that would fuel my oral passion. I wanted a dick in my mouth more than I remember having wanted anything specific in over 20 years, and for a few years I carried around the fantasy before I took the plunge with Don. I can't say I remember panting when I first popped him into my mouth, but it was ever bit as good as the memory of licking that first snatch a lifetime ago.

If your hand's still up - a gold star for playing Simon Says successfully, but put it down now and get your ass moving toward fulfilling one of those consuming fantasies, instead of just reading about everybody else fulfilling theirs.

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