Monday, September 05, 2005

Musings: An Evening with Richard

I had an amazing solo orgasm last evening before heading to bed, even after filling Dee up with cum about an hour earlier when we kept our usual Sunday tradition of making love. It's typical for me to jerk off even after Dee and I have our fun together. Although her pussy talks to my cock remarkably while she's milking me to climax with it, and spraying up inside her is tremendously satisfying, if anything I'm even more horny after we screw and I put her to bed because I'm still that excited from seeing her nude, licking her pussy, watching her suck my cock and balls, and looking into those incredible eyes while I'm moving within her and she's caressing my dick with the juicy walls of her hole, and squeezing it with the spasms of her own climaxes. On a typical evening upstairs I'll take some pictures of Dee too, in spite of now having over 100,000 of them, and when I come back to the computer and view them while stroking my dick - I just want more of her. Last night, though, I confess that my late night solo play wasn't about Dee's body - it was about Richard's - specifically about his cock.

I didn't know Richard until 3:17 PM yesterday afternoon when I received in my mail a comment he'd posted in response to one of my entries here at the blog. A simple link in his comment led me to his online profile which in turn took me to his entire PeterFiles website, where perusing the offerings eventually led me to some of his riveting stories of women masturbating men, and then to his own personal video clips. Once I made it to his videos, I was like a man possessed in downloading them. As I began sampling the first clips that came through I was transfixed; there on my screen in a little window was a man in some respects entirely like myself - a man seemingly in love with his own cock ("Penis," as he prefers to call it.) as much as I am with mine - allowing the world to watch many moments of his personal pleasure. Dee was in the bathtub, prior to our love making, and here I was sitting in front of my computer watching Richard playing with his great looking dick and making it squirt thick globs of his warm cum at the end of each series of clips that I viewed. It was as if Richard was a part of my foreplay with Dee because when I heard the bathroom door open and headed up to join her I already had some serious wood ready to feel her soft lips wrap around it. I came back downstairs still tingling and glowing from my delicious climax in my wife's darling body and methodically continued downloading Richard's offerings until I had the full set.

With the last of the clips on my hard drive I began watching them in no particular order. I confess that I most often went straight to the last segment of each small series because I knew that it would be in that one where Richard's hard cock would pour out his cream and those intense seconds of his pleasure were the ones that most gripped me. My apologies to Richard because I know that to him the build up, the tease, is all important - and when I'm with a guy myself it is to me too - but here in my jerk off chair when I'm tending to my own desires in the heat of my own sensationally pleasurable moments, sometimes I can't contain my own excitement nor take the time to tease myself properly, and in watching Richard's cock pumping out his thick cum in clip after clip I was well on my way to that imminent iota of time where I couldn't hold myself back any more. The maddening need to squirt was upon me all at once and my cock let loose a veritable cannon shot of goo even as I was watching Richard's dick pumping out his own.

When I do myself after making love with Dee, what cum I have left usually gushes gently out of the tip of my cock rather than shooting any noteworthy distance, but last night it delighted me when that first blast went rocketing skyward about a foot before arcing gently and plopping back down onto the tissue perched on my belly. It felt so fucking great with my dick squirting admirably with each spasm of my orgasm, as if I hadn't cum in a few days. I was that aroused by watching Richard make his cock spray.

It had been a long time since I found myself so excited about something novel, sexually, that gripped me with such power, and although I'd seen guys stroke themselves to climax in video clips before, with Richard it was different. I was watching a man who has, in a sense, built a veritable online shrine to his dick and its pleasure, (though I doubt he would agree was his intention), and that struck a chord with me. I couldn't help but feel in some strange way that I was watching myself in Richard's clips - watching every man in love with his own dick - and the excitement I felt was decidedly and intensely magical.

Richard, if you read this - thank you! I'm sorry if I creeped you out any in expressing my bi side in response to seeing you, but you gave me a fantastic evening.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the attention, and I'm glad you enjoyed my videos. You're right that I'm in love with my penis (yes, "penis", not cock). I've been a chronic masturbator since discovering the art in my early teens, but it was only in middle age that I realized how totally obsessed I am with my penis.

And you don't "creep me out" in the least. You are right that I have built a shrine to my penis. Though the theme of my masturbation fantasies centers on female-mediated pleasures, I also love the raw sexual power of the penis. I've masturbated a few times with other males, in person and on webcam and phone. I love sharing the penis-obsessed mania that only another male chronic masturbator can understand. As you say, watching or hearing another male masturbating is to celebrate yourself, and the ecstasy of universal maleness. My other blog, Onania -- The Journal of Chronic Masturbation , is devoted to male chronic masturbation in all its forms and has a strong male orientation.

Something I take great joy in is letting people inside my mind while I masturbate. I try to be totally open, totally exposed and vulnerable in what I do and what I say. I vocalize all my thoughts, no matter how weird or silly they are, as I melt into the trance state of prolonged masturbation. I want people to know how I am feeling as I hover on the edge, but just short, of ejaculation.

>>You're amazingly a lot like I was myself for quite a while in being openly exhibitionistic, though at this point I much more enjoy showing off Dee.

Yes, I'm definitely an exhibitionist. But I could really get into a "cuckold" type fantasy. I've never had the chance to try it, but the idea of watching my wife have sex with another male, while I am consigned to watch and masturbate, or even locked inside a chastity device with my frustration - - that could be the stuff of fantasy.

>>Being bi, I've had the opportunity to be on the "milker's" side of the equation on occasion too and it's such a powerful feeling to be there; I love teasing a guy as much as I love being teased myself;

I would also love to be the milker sometime. I have such a love of being teased, I think I could do a pretty good job on the teasing end. Too bad we can't meet in real life; it might be to our mutual advantage.

Richard Lovel [profile]

Mac said...

I, like yourself, only recently became recently with Richard's grouo and blog. Being a confirmed masturbator all my life it seemed like a group I would enjoy and I have. I learned about your blog from your post to his group.

I haven't had much of a chance to read your entire blog but what I have read makes me hard as a hammer handle. I love the tought of wife sharing and have wondered many times what it would be like to have another man fuck my wife and give her pleasure while I watched and masturbated. I suppose I'd call myself completely heterosexual although I have wondered what an experience would be like with another guy. Hard to put my love for pussy on the back burner, however. Anyway, I want to read your entire blog and give you some input on what you have written. It is so hot. Just wanted to let you know that yours and Dee's adventures are extremely exciting to me as I'm sure they are to others.