Monday, September 12, 2005

Musings: A Rhetorical Question

As Dee would readily attest, I'll never win any prizes for patience, especially when somebody deserves a good slap upside the head but I can't reach over and give him one. I have a bittersweet, love/hate relationship with the Our Hot Wives website. I owe it some allegiance because for a long time before we started sharing Dee it had been a haunt of mine, and in some ways I was like the wannabees who still pretty much live there. Between bad moderators, (Supposedly that's being fixed, but we'll see.), the wannabees and the general assholes who make their presence felt there in spades it's usually a three ring circus featuring much of what is bad about the internet. I'm getting off track already, though. See! My impatience surfaces again! What I really wanted to bitch about to begin this essay are the wannabees of the "Do you think?" variety.

"My wife walked nude from the bathroom to the bedroom without putting her robe on today. Do you think that means she wants to fuck my best friend?"

"I found an e-mail on my wife's computer from a guy who calls himself Big Dick, thanking her for last Tuesday. Do you think she did something sexually with him, or was that the plumber thanking her for making him some lemonade when he was ungunking the shitter?"

"I found a condom full of brown spunk in the small trash can beside my wife's side of the bed. Do you think she fucked somebody?" (No! She's merely taking up a collection of spooge for the local chapter of the Red Cross. They're low on the stuff in Brooklyn.)

They aggravate me with their petty little questions because always, the answer is, "How the fuck should I know?"

Now, with all of that 'net rage behind me - I'm about to become one of those same annoying question askers and toss out a question here. I know you don't know the answer, but based on what I'm about to present, put yourself into the guy's shoes and speak for yourself. If you were he, what would the answer be?

Time warp back to the 70's. You're the boss of a summer work crew and one of your charges is a perky 16 year old girl with an attitude. She doesn't get along with her parents (What teen does?) and she needs an outlet for all of her frustrations at home. By the way, you're a guy in your late 30's or early to mid 40's - married, with children. She talks to you - and you listen. You validate that she has a right to feel the way she does because her home situation is one in which there's a lot of tension in which she's usually caught in the middle. One day in the course of your work, your arm accidentally brushes against her tee shirt clad tit and she doesn't flinch. You note that. You keep talking, and days go by. One day you put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her and she seems to welcome your touch. You tremble a little when days later, you hug her and she likes being held by you. Over time your hand explores up her shirt, and then her shirt and bra are off. Your mouth moves hungrily to her hard nipples and she sighs as you suck on the stiff caps of her soft, firm breasts. You unzip and take yourself out, guiding her hand there. You stroke yourself with your hand over hers; then after she learns what you like you take your hand away and she takes you to paradise one finger at a time. The summer ends and you don't see her again till next June.

You pick up the following summer where you left off. After work sometimes you and she hang out together. In the back of your camper you teach her more about pleasing a man and you give her pleasures she's never experienced before in her life. You ask her to suck your cock, but she's shy and instead she licks it playfully and makes you cum. She lies back with her pants and panties off and you give her her very first orgasm - something she'll remember about you always. You part her folds with your fingers and you show her how it feels when a soft tongue burrows into her crease and slides over her erect clitoris. You lubricate a finger with the nectar that drips from her virgin hole and you put your finger into her body while you slowly lick her to ecstasy. Another summer ends.

The following year she returns to you and she's now 18 - legal! She's wearing a boy's engagement ring, but in spite of that she welcomes you again to take off her clothes and enjoy her body. A month passes and one evening you take her to dinner. She calls home and lies about spending the night at a friend's house. You take her to a motel. You lick her to climax and she masturbates you till you spurt all over your belly. You fall asleep naked beside her. In the middle of the night you come awake to her fingers caressing your chest - your thighs - your neck. You kiss her with a passion that makes her burn with desire. She tells you that she wants you inside her body - she wants you to be the man to make her a woman - she wants your cock to be the first ever to pierce her most precious parts. You slip a rubber onto your throbbing cock and poise it at this 18 year old girl's opening. You press slowly forward, letting her adjust to your entry. You tell her that you'll stop if she wants you to, but she humps her bottom against you to tell you that she really wants you inside her. You reach ecstasy inside this young lady's warm bottom, and in the weeks that follow, she welcomes you inside her again and again. And, yet another summer ends.

The next year arrives and you and she are back on the job. She tells you, "No more." She wants to be faithful to the boy who's engagement ring she's wearing. You tell her that if she ever feels the need to be intimate, she knows where to find you. And that's where it ends. At the end of that summer you never see her again. Twenty years, and a few more pass by. You're likely in your 60's now.

And now for my question. How often do you think about that young girl? How often when you take yourself out of your pants to pleasure yourself do you remember every detail of her body? Her thin fingers stroking your hard cock and kneading your big balls - and that every present smile/grin that she wears when she knows that she has you totally in her power? Her soft tongue running up and down the length of your stiff shaft and building the sensations of pleasure until your cock has no choice but to spray while she laps at it? How often do you remember sinking your dick into that warm, young pussy that dripped with her desire when you touched it - that tender hole into which yours was the first cock ever to enter - and cumming inside her?

That man is Richie, and that girl was Dee, twenty some years ago. I never met the man - never even saw a picture of him, and yet I can see him in my mind's eye all the time - with his pants down, stroking his cock, and thinking about Dee's body and the multitude of pleasures he experienced with her. I don't wonder if he does that - out there, wherever he is. I only wonder how often.

(All together now - "How the fuck should I know?")

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