Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Musings: I Live for Little Moments...

Despite my reference to Mozart a few days ago, currently featured in my car's CD player is a Brad Paisley album. In one of the songs each verse, which recounts a vignette, (an amusing anecdote as The Reader's Digest would call it), about the relationship between the lyricist and his lady, ends with the line, "I live for little moments like that." I do too. I live most especially for those little moments between Dee and me - the ones that make my heart skip a beat, and the ones which make my cock jump involuntarily with excitement.

There have been many such little moments like that here, starting about 23 years ago when Dee confessed to me, "I think I'm falling in love with you," and I enjoyed the most recent one just a few minutes ago in reading my carbon copy of the morning mail that Dee sent to Don. In it, she told him about Tyler, whom we might meet for the first time this week, "I have seen a few pictures of him and his cock looks similar to yours. I was practically drooling when I saw it!" Yep - I live for little moments like that! And I'll be waiting excitedly till I can see Dee's drool, and then her pussy cream coating Tyler's cock.

Tyler might join us this week just to be with us when Dee and Mike make love. He's hesitant about participating just yet. That's OK. We like him a lot from his letters to us. In fact, he's the first guy who didn't ask about getting together with us in the flesh. We asked him.

We'll keep you posted!

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