Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Musings: The Wee Hours and Stuff

I had a rare "intermission," as Dee calls it, last night for over an hour - one of those periods where I come awake in the middle of the night - wide awake and stay that way in spite of knowing I have to get up for work in the morning. In fact, the very knowing that sleep is critical seems to cause it to become even more fleeting and out of reach. Eventually it came. I remember thinking that I had a great idea for today's entry here while I was tossing and turning and smacking the pillows around in hope of getting them to feel comfortable instead of like they were filled with hard, dry lumps from the litter box. I even recall thinking that I should get up physically to write the idea down, and also remember telling myself that I didn't need to bother because it was such a great idea that I wouldn't forget it. You're ahead of me here - I can tell; I have no idea whatsoever as to what the great idea might have been, so you're stuck with this sucky bit of reading instead.

I've not felt like posting pics of Dee at the usual places for over a week now, and I dont' know why except that I've been feeling a lack of ZING! Her mailbox is slowly emptying as she answers the mails that've been sitting there - some of them for weeks - and I really should get posting so that some new mails will come her way, but I've not had the usual rabid ambition to show her off. I've been here before and it's passed so I'm kind of just marking time while waiting for the exhibitionistic muse to descend. Wait! Is it still called exhibitionism when it's your spouse whom you're exposing? Ehhh! I don't know. In part, I think maybe my lack of oomph is that I'm sick of the many assholes writing pathetically composed come ons rather than Dee getting more of the nice notes from nice guys who write simply to make her feel good.

Bill might be in town sometime in September which will be nice. He makes the trip from New England to join us for a date night when he can, a few times a year. He's got a dick that works very well on Dee and she likes when he makes the drive down to spend an evening in bed with her.

OK, that's it. I'm stopping because I'm really running on fumes today and I still can't think of the elusive, nocturnal, great idea from the wee hours of this morning. It really was a good one though. I think. Now, if only I can stay awake till Dee gets naked and creamy for me later...

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