Sunday, September 25, 2005

On Meeting Larry, and Some Lesser Ramblings


After having written to Larry and his wife for a number of years, Dee and I finally got to meet him on Thursday evening when we were at the motel with Mike and Don. I really don't know what to say because it was profound - a thrill beyond description to meet this man who has been one of my closest friends and confidants for a number of years, but entirely online in our e-mails until this week when a visit to his family put him within an hour and a half of here. He made the drive here on Thursday evening, and then yesterday Dee and I drove out to where he's staying where he treated us to lunch. It would be almost cliché to say that it felt like we'd known each other all our lives because if not for that feeling we'd not have planned to meet. I suppose, more than anything, it felt like a part of me had been missing, and I was finally reunited with it when Larry and I at long last came into each other's presence.

Pictures showing Dee's face that the world will never see - Larry sees them regularly - smiling and nude, grinning while sucking a lover's cock or making love with him, looking ethereal and lost in orgasm. I need him to be a witness to my deepest joy in sharing Dee. I need him of all persons because I know that he too knows that same deep joy himself when he shares his own beautiful wife with their special lover. I know that he can understand me in ways that nobody else can who hasn't walked a mile in these shoes - or at least stood in them beside a motel room bed to contemplate the holy beauty of his wife's amazing sexuality and raw emotion. When Dee and Larry joined each other on the bed together on Thursday evening I felt - I can't tell you what I felt. I tried about a dozen similes here, and every last one of them fell infinitely short of expressing it. Allow me to understate it pathetically: It was very good!

Larry was a major impetus in my having begun this journal. It wouldn't be until nearly a month after I started writing the blog that I would compose the major piece of writing that I knew he wanted me to pen, but I knew even as I tested the blog waters in the beginning that I needed to write that piece for the whole world to see it, though it was at Larry's goading that I came to realize that I needed to express everything that's in it. Starting this blog was setting the stage for that piece to come into existence, but Larry had a dual role with a tacit obligation beyond poking me with a pitchfork to write it. He was my safety net - I knew that even if everybody else thought I was totally crazy after reading it, he, at least, would understand.

Search Engine Giggles

I get a good chuckle nearly every day when I check the detailed hit counter I installed here and see some of the searches that led people to this blog. Two of my recent favorites...

"cumming deep inside my vagina hole,"


"wives being ripped by big dicks."

Dee's had that first one done to her thousands of times by me, over a hundred times by Don, over sixty times by Mike, and a few dozen times by the various other lovers she's entertained in the past few years. There's something about a man spilling his ejaculate into Dee that she craves and savors. If she's going to welcome a man into her body, she wants to feel his complete essence at the moment of his climax.

The latter I saw once during our first year of sharing when Dee and I met with "M." His cock was massive compared to any other we'd seen - long and thick - and when he started fucking Dee I thought she was getting her period with the worst timing ever. It turned out that he was so large that he ripped her hole with his entry. She felt nothing but the pleasure and no pain so I didn't have to feel guilty about how it was strangely exciting to me to see her blood mixed with her juices and then M's cum all pink when it oozed out of her later and dripped down between her ass cheeks. In a way, it was like being privy to watching her lose her cherry - something I'll regret till my dying day that I didn't get to watch.

(Notice I said watching - not participating in Dee's defloration. I'd have been a fumbling boob if I'd known Dee then and had been the one to attempt to take her virginity. It was far better for her to have been with the experienced, older man to whom she gave that once-in-a-lifetime, uniquely special gift of self.)

Dirty Words

Select phrases from Dee's cyber session with Mike this morning as she talked him to orgasm...

Dee: I gobble at your balls and stroke LM [Pet term for Mike's cock - "Little Mike."]
Dee: you know this has only increased my desire so now I really need you to fuck me
Dee: you tease my lips with the head and I arch my back trying to get your cock inside me
Dee: feel my cunt walls squeeze you
Dee: slam your cock into me

I love it when Dee says dirty little things - and does dirtier little things - and a few great, big ones!
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