Monday, September 26, 2005

Sunday Afternoon Dee-light

Dee and I had the house to ourselves yesterday afternoon, and we took full advantage of the opportunity to make love in the middle of the day. It's always somewhat exhilarating to say figuratively, "Fuck you!" to whatever obligations might be facing us in the thick of a typical day - to toss our clothes aside and to play with all our hearts like kids would take gleefully to a swing set. And it's very nice to do it for a change when we're not tired and ready to go to sleep; not that sex under those conditions is bad, but it's better when there's a little more energy to be spent in the pursuit of pleasure. I had one of those orgasms where I thought that my entire body might turn itself inside out, go liquid, and squirt through my tingling cock right up into Dee's warm pussy so that she could contain my essence completely. That's the best sex in the world - when in the grip of climax you really can't tell where you end and your lover begins. Then again, I can feel that sometimes when we're grocery shopping and Dee reaches for my hand in the middle of the produce section. If there are other lifetimes that we're given to live, I hope I can find her again to do this all over with her by my side.
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