Monday, September 19, 2005

Simple Pleasures

I decided to drop the "Musings" as a header to my - well, musings. Most of my entries here fit into that category, so unless I specify "Insight," or, "Rantings," or "Off Topic," assume what you're going to read if you delve into something I've penned (Keyed?) is of the usual variety.

This morning Dee was peeling apples in the kitchen while I was in here (one room away, but visible to her through a large doorway) putzing at the PC when she turned to me and said, "I miss you." I was at her side in a flash - exactly where I belonged. It felt so good to hear those simple words - I miss you. They made me feel important. Normally I don't give a shit if anybody thinks I'm important or not, but it makes all the difference in the world that I am to Dee. I started coring and chopping the peeled apples while she continued peeling the rest. I stole a thousand glances at her and I smiled so much that my face hurt. Sometimes love comes in a bag of apples. It was there this morning for me.

I revisited my little college honey's blog this evening. She'd posted her work-out schedule for the Fall. I nearly had to bite my hand to keep myself from screaming with laughter. She and I truly are like matter and antimatter and I find the absolutely stark contrast between her life and mine to be totally amusing! My favorite work-out is that twirling wrist motion involved in raising a forkful of carbs and cholesterol to my mouth. (Any kind of pasta and seafood in Alfredo sauce, for example.) I wish her well in her little world of health food and exercise and dance, so far removed from mine, and I won't post a link to her blog here 'cause I really don't want her knowing that this dirty old man is watching her live her life.

Tomorrow an online friend flies down from Alaska to visit family only about an hour away from here. He's going to call me after he's here and settled in, and we're going to get together at some point. He's one of two men I've found here on the 'net who knows very well himself as I do the depth of amazing emotion involved in sharing one's wife with a lover for whom she feels deep affection. I can't wait to meet him and to raise a glass with him in toasting our unique brotherhood. What a rare, but wonderful opportunity to meet somebody I never thought I'd have the pleasure of seeing face to face!

Dee and I went upstairs before. I was hoping for our usual Sunday evening festivies, but I wasn't sure if we were going to have them because both of us had felt iffy in the guts at times today and I wasn't sure if Dee was feeling up to it. I laid on the bed while she used the bathroom, and normally I'd have gotten myself naked but I didn't 'cause I didn't want her to feel obligated to "perform" if she wasn't in the mood. I was quietly delighted when she closed the door till it latched upon her arrival and stripped all the way down. Usually I'd have washed the "boys," but I hadn't bothered in being unsure if we were going to do the oingo-boingo. I got out of my tee shirt and boxers as Dee joined me on the bed and it was somewhat of a rush when she assumed her usual position beside me and put me to her mouth. Even for as hot as she always is, I don't normally think of her as a "bad girl" but it was kind of fun to see her in that role as she lapped away at my dirty balls just as hungrily as when they taste like Dial™.

Yep, life's simple pleasures are indeed the best. But then - before you know it - it's Monday morning again. I lament the passing of another weekend. I always do. It's like saying goodbye to an old friend.

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