Saturday, September 17, 2005

Musings: Celebrating a New Lover for Dee

Our "date night" this past week was wholly wonderful and well worth the price of admission. (I'll take one, please - front row center for Watch My Wife Fuck a New Lover.) I was keen for over a week in waiting for the evening to arrive and started getting excited as soon as Tyler said that he'd join us. Never mind that when we made the original plan he was only going to come up to meet us and to watch Mike and Dee make love because I had a strong feeling that Dee would get Tyler's pants off, especially when she commented on the pictures of his cock that he'd sent to us. Dee's much more into words than pictures, but the images of Tyler's dick seemed to stir her passion more than most.

All three of us - Mike, Dee, and me - took a quick shine to Tyler, Mike in some preliminary chats and Dee and me in our e-mails with him. It doesn't take a hell of a lot to impress me initially. If a guy writes something substantially better than "how r u 2day" by way of introduction I'm already 50% hooked on getting to know him as a potential lover for Dee, and if he follows through with a consistent gentlemanly sense of appreciation for how profound a gift Dee's naked body is when laid out for his pleasure, my cock and I tend to stand up and take notice. The more we heard from Tyler the more eager Dee and I were to know him even better, hopefully to the point of when he'd ask about taking Dee to bed. He never did, though. He just talked about how much our lifestyle of sharing Dee excited him and hinted that he'd like to get his own wife more open to thoughts of shared pleasures. We ended up asking him if he'd like to join us at the motel sometime, and lucky for us he said YES!

There must be about a half dozen assholes out there who wrote a good story line, but when the time came for them to meet with us they chickened out at the last minute and didn't show up. Thus, we're usually suspiciously cautious when we make plans with somebody new, and though we hope they'll arrive, we never really count on them to deliver. It wasn't like that with Tyler, though. I never really doubted that he'd make it to the motel, except for a few minutes of sweating it out right before we arrived ourselves when I called his cell phone and felt my heart sink when his voice mail kicked in. What a thrill it was when Mike opened the door to greet us and there was Tyler already inside the room with him; we hadn't known that they'd traded numbers as well and that Mike had already told him what room we'd be in. Whew!

The first ten minutes or so after we closed the door to the room behind us were a little weird. It was the first time we'd seen Mike since his dad had died on Tuesday and Dee and I both really needed to hug him. And we still weren't positive that Tyler would get out of his clothes so we spent some time with Dee, Mike, and Tyler just seated on the bed together while we all just talked about various things. Eventually Dee leaned over and started kissing Mike, making her slit skirt ride up her thighs and giving Tyler a great view of her bare legs. With a hesitant touch Tyler reached over after a while and touched Dee's ankle. Shortly after that the real fun began.

Without having the photographic record of who did what to whom I'd never remember what happened when Dee and her lovers got naked and played out their fun together, but a quick peek at the pictures reminds me that on this particular evening the guys got Dee down to her red bra and thong at which point Dee helped Tyler out of his shirt and pants. She kissed him when he drew her close to rub his hands over her sleek back - bare except for the thin strap of her bra - and I held my breath when I watched her fingers slide up the leg hole of his navy boxers to touch his cock. By her movements underneat the fabric I could tell that she had wrapped her hand around Tyler's dick and Dee's smile broadened into a great big grin. Less than a minute later a drum roll might've been appropriate (to mask the nearly audible thumping of my heart) when Dee reached for the waistband of Tyler's undies and drew them down, first over his ass and then eased them over his erect cock in the front. What an absolute thrill it was when Tyler's dick was out in the open and I saw that it was noteworthily much thicker than his pictures made it appear to be. I knew I would be in for a fantastic visual treat later when Dee would raise her legs to welcome him into her wanton pussy, but for the moment I was enraptured by the sight of my dear wife's soft lips stretching over the big knob of Tyler's glans to take him into her warm mouth. Sitting on the bed in front of her kneeling lover Dee gave his dick a preliminary excursion with the tip of her tongue while Tyler took off her bra and reached for her soft breasts, and then she gave his thick shaft a few good strokes with her fingers before lying Tyler back on the bed and crawling up between his legs.

I had to stop occasionally from watching Dee suck and lick Tyler's cock and balls to look at his face. He was making the softest mewling sounds as Dee tended to his pleasure orally. I love when she's sucking a lover's hard cock, but looking at me and grinning and she did plenty of that as I watched her lips and tongue working their magic all over her new lover's excited dick. He seemed particularly excited whenever Dee would lick her way down his shaft to nuzzle and suck gently on the wrinkled flesh surrounding his balls, and I'd have to agree that it's one of the best pleasures of making love with Dee because it just feels so damned great. With Dee's round ass up in the air, Mike moved behind her, slid the thin band of her thong to the side and probed her slit and juicy hole with his fingertips. He and I exchanged a number of the knowing, excited glances that we often share with each other to acknowledge our mutual excitement when we're watching Dee pleasure another man. Eventually Dee tore herself away from Tyler's big cock so he could take off her thong and get his first good look at the bare bottom he'd only seen so far in pictures.

Dee knelt on the bed in front of Tyler and he eased the thong down over her hips and drew it down to her thighs. I was doing everything except cheering aloud as Dee's new lover bared her pussy and I saw that he was so damned hard that his stiff cock was pointing straight up to the ceiling. (I nearly wished that I had a pussy myself with a cock so obviously eager to fill it!) Dee bent and twisted and raised one leg at a time as she worked the thong off completely, and then she laid back between Tyler's outstretched legs and parted her thighs to give him his first real view of her entire juicy, bottom whose tender outer parts were swollen with her arousal. Tyler stroked his dick and slid a few fingers inside Dee as Mike moved into position so Dee could suck him. For a while they were joined like that with Tyler's fingers exploring the wet folds of Dee's warm tunnel, anticipating feeling that same sweet flesh wrapped around his very stiff cock while he watched her do to Mike with her lips and tongue what she'd just done to him.

I don't remember who made the first move, but eventually Dee got up and turned around at my direction to give the camera and me an unobstructed view of the "main event." On her back, Dee reached for Tyler, welcoming him to take his position between her outstretched legs. She hugged his broad back and then pulled him into a kiss as I watched her little fingers close around his thick shaft and guide it to her cleft. He was a little high up so Dee slid the tip of his cock down the full length of her slit before snuggling it into the dimple of her opening. Getting him into position, Dee released her grip and I watched the bulbous head of Tyler's dick enter her. The angle wasn't quite right so Tyler withdrew, reached down to adjust the position of his dick relative to Dee's bottom, and then slid his glans back into the vestibule of Dee's hole. Tyler flexed his hips and I was grinning like the Cheshire cat as I watched the entire length of his bloated dick slide up into Dee's belly till all I could see were his balls pressed in a tight kiss against Dee's upturned asshole. He paused for just a moment before starting to drill Dee at a moderate pace and it wasn't long before she was having her first climax all over Tyler's very, very hard cock.

I'd guesstimate that Dee had at least three nice, strong orgasms while Tyler fucked her sweet pussy with long, deep thrusts. I moved in for the bird's eye view, marveling at the perfect seal Dee's thin inner labia formed around the thick shaft moving inside her. Tyler's cock was wet with the sheen of Dee's juices coating it, and I noticed how taut the skin of her perineum was - as it always is when she's accommodating a dick with an especially admirable girth. By the time stamp on the digital photos it was a full five minutes after Tyler entered Dee's eager body when his ass kicked into overdrive and he really started fucking Dee with all he was worth. Dee came again as Tyler fucked her at a much faster pace and the sound of his big balls slapping off her 'taint delighted me to no end. Suddenly, Tyler thrust the entire length of his cock into Dee's delicious hole and I saw his body go rigid for just a second before a huge shudder coursed through him and I knew his cock was spraying its first blast of rich, thick cum up into her soft belly. He started pumping her pussy again then, with a telltale spasm of his whole body indicating each subsequent geyser of hot cum that he delivered into her liquid center. It wouldn't be till later, when Dee and Tyler were sharing some post coital cuddles that Mike's probing fingers would dip into Dee's pussy and come out absolutely drenched with cum to show us just how full of goo Tyler had filled her.

It wasn't long after Tyler and Dee came together that she was easing Mike back onto the bed and swinging a leg over him while reaching to guide his hard cock to her opening. Tyler joined me at the foot of the bed to watch intently as Dee put the head of Mike's eager dick to her bottom and then slid her beautiful pussy down onto him. Sometimes more than anything I love watching Dee's soft, round ass in motion when she's atop a lover and she looked sweeter than ever as she rode Mike to their mutual delight. It was Tyler's turn to exchange grins with me as we knelt at the bottom of the bed together watching Dee just totally enjoying the sensations of Mike's cock as she rode him. Dee brought Mike to orgasm, and with his remarkable powers of erection he stayed stiff as she continued sliding up and down on his dick to make herself cum again and again. Eventually Tyler moved to the head of the bed and began caressing Dee's bare back and buns while she continued pumping her pussy on Mike. Dee leaned over to take Tyler's cock into her mouth, and a short time later Mike came a second time up into his lover's warm pussy.

Soon it would be time for Tyler to make the long drive home but not before Dee gave him a proper send off by seating him at the edge of the bed, kneeling between his thighs, and giving his cock and balls a thorough licking and sucking. After Tyler dressed and we exchanged our thanks with him, he headed out and Mike, Dee, and I spent another hour and a half together tending to our mutual pleasures. I particularly enjoyed feeling Mike in my mouth again while he and Dee kissed. His cock is the perfect fit and I can take him into my throat without gagging. Sometimes I think I really love sucking cock as much as I love having my own sucked. When I finally got around to fucking Dee myself I was so turned on that I gave it to her hard and fast, making her delicious pussy clamp down on my dick as she came twice in quick succession, her second orgasm in perfect time with my own. It felt as if my tingling cock was gushing every last ounce of liquid in my body up into Dee's churning bottom - as perfect a climax as I'd ever had with my darling wife!

Afterwards, Mike took Dee again missionary style, giving her another long chain of climaxes, and then after lying beside each other fingering cock and pussy while relaxing for a while, Mike slid up into Dee doggie style and appeared to be in ecstasy as he did her from behind. Dee just kept on cumming as she always does when Mike's inside her and after a while I saw her little fingers reach under and back to stroke Mike's balls to encourage him to cum in her again. At one point, through the viewfinder, I saw Mike tilt his head back in as feral a display of raw pleasure I've ever seen him exhibit and I'd not have been terribly surprised if he'd let out a full blown howl as he appeared to be totally lost in enjoying the pleasures of Dee's hot pussy.

We ended the evening with a trip for some ice cream before we had to give Mike a farewell hug and send him off to face one of the toughest days of his life - the funeral of his father the very next morning. But, for a time we celebrated with him the gift of life and helped him to lose himself in that same hallowed, sublime, and profound act by which all of us were created and in which we continually rejoice each time we take off our clothes to share with each other life's greatest pleasures.

Tyler's cock is magnificently hard
and pointing to the ceiling as he
removes Dee's thong and anticipates
sliding up inside her for the first time.

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Words do seem inadequate to describe such a beautiful thing, however you have done a marvelous job here. Mac