Sunday, October 02, 2005

Cream in Your Pie?

It seems that many of the guys who are into seeing Dee's pictures are gentlemen who would like to live the life I'm living as the husband of a shared wife. Each week following our various postings online Dee and I get a number of mails from horny dudes who express their desires to lap their own wives' pussies after they've been filled with other men's cum, and a good number of them ask us if that's a practice that I enjoy myself. Dee seems to take great delight in telling them that yes, I do very much love to dive for her fresh filled (I'm really sick and tired of the gramatically incorrect, freshly filled!) hole to lick and lap as though I'm after my last meal. Although I've sucked a number of delicious dicks, I've never yet taken a mouthful of cum straight from the spigot. I have, though, licked many good creampies from Dee's pussy and I've cleaned off Don's dick a few times right after he's slid out of her slit after making a gooey deposit.

I was contemplating a few weeks ago Don's now having been with Dee over 100 times and after doing a little math discovered that she's milked from his cock at least two full cups of cum, estimating a conservative 5cc of ejaculate each time he's squirted into her mouth, pussy, or ass. Add to that over 60 times that Dee's made love with Mike and the two dozen or so other guys we've played with, and she's drained at least a full liter of warm cream from her lovers in the past three years. I've enjoyed it all too, many times slurping away hungrily at her messy slit or slipping my own cock up into her for the indescribable sensations provided by "sloppy seconds," and always getting many great pictures of Dee's well fucked bottom with her guys' stuff oozing out of her.

Semen! It's not just for breakfast any more - or something like that!

Two cups of milk stand in for the two cups
of cum that Dee's drained from Don in
the past three years of being his lover.
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