Saturday, October 01, 2005

Gotta Love It!

The best kind of Saturday or Sunday morning there is, is the kind on which my early riser wife wakes me to make love, usually after she chats with Mike and gets all gooey in her panties while they type dirty little things - sometimes dirty BIG things - back and forth specifically to arouse each other. After Dee urges Mike to cum for her and he makes a big splash in her honor is when she comes to me, rubs my shoulder and gives me a suggestive whisper. I awaken to those great, big, brown, saucer eyes of hers sparkling right in front of me, and I know she's wearing the horns. Oh, what a grand and glorious day it is which begins with a taste of Dee's dripping, turned-on bottom! What a perfect beginning to another day with Dee's kitty cat tongue lapping around and under my balls and then sliding up my shaft for her mouth to engulf me! What a delicioius way to start a new day with my balls pressed tight up against Dee's soft buns with the tip of my cock buried as far up inside her sweet body as it can reach!

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am talking about this morning, and I not only started the day out right, but the new month as well. Happy October, folks!
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deeslittlemike said...


So glad I could help Dee out this morning. I was so excited when she said she was going to wake you. I wanted her to feel as good as she made me feel and I knew in turn you would enjoy yourself as well.

Have a great day Joe, glad I did my part to start you off right.


GeorgeVanna said...

Great blog, Joe and Dee and Mike.