Thursday, October 13, 2005

Love Making Tonight!

After a two week hiatus because of a meeting and some dental work we're back in the hot seat - the hot wife seat, that is. We're seeing Mike tonight and I don't know which of the three of us is more excited. Watching Dee and Mike make love is as close as I can get to watching Dee and me make love from the sidelines. There's such a deep connection between them much wider than the piece of hard flesh that joins them together. I think I might safely say that Mike is the best friend that Dee's ever had aside from me in all the years that we've been married, so when they take to a bed together there's bound to be emotion which makes their coupling transcend the casual. That interplay of affection is as arousing to watch as it is to see Mike's stiff dick sliding in and out of Dee's hungry pussy and to hear her urging him to cum inside her. It's like watching a chick flick past the credits and into the bedroom, and all in an exciting day of being a hot wife husband. Need I say that I love this exciting lifestyle of ours?

And now, a little something of myself for Half-Nekkid Thursday, and I'm off to work...

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1 comment:

Her said...

Holy hot batman!

Found you via virgin slut, and may I say yum!

We'll be linking to you. I have this, um, *thing* for bi boys. I enjoyed the archives a lot! Thanks!