Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Tiddley Winks!

Ahhhhh! Tuesday! Sex night!

I don't know about most married couples, especially sharing/swinging couples, but Dee and I like to have our sex schedule running smootly most of the time which means that I'll be looking forward to this evening all day starting about an hour ago when I first woke up and my brain screamed, "Ahhhhh! Tuesday! Sex night!"

There's a lot to be said for spontaneity, and Dee and I don't rule that out because either of us can get horny on an "off day" and the other's usually ready and eager to please, but having our regular days to look forward to is like having a Christmas, Birthday, and "Holiday of Your Choice" to anticipate joyfully each and every week.

Tuesdays are especially fun when we have a date planned for a few days later. This week we'll be seeing Mike and when I'm with Dee tonight I'll be thinking about watching the two of them make love and it will just fuel my passion all the more when I consider the combinations of mutual pleasure the three of us might get into then. My bi side certainly makes it a lot more interesting than if it were just straight Cock 'n' Pussy all the time. Frankly, I'm already drooling - more than a week without some cock to suck and I start to get edgy, like I need my "fix."

If you have nothing better to do around 9 PM EST today, have a go at your dick or pussy while Dee and I will be tending to each other's pleasure upstairs.

Bonus points if you send us a few pics of yourself having some fun!
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deeslittlemike said...

Mmmmm Joe I like to know you and Dee are having fun. It is cool to know are thinking of our date on Thursday as well. It has been two weeks and this time it really feels like forever. LOL

See you soon Old Bean!


Mac said...

How lucky you all are. It's hard to say who is the luckiest but my guess is it's you guys for having a wonderful woman such as Dee. Joe, I will be thinking of you and Dee along about 9PM EST. Might even see if I can get something going with the wife. I just wish she would let me take pictures. Have fun and the greatest of pleasure to you both.

W. S. Cross said...

A novel about two men sharing one woman (even if briefly) cannot be indifferent to a site about a man sharing his wife with another man. Very interesting stuff.