Monday, October 10, 2005

Fun for Seven

I was going through the some of my archived writings and thought that this would be an appropriate piece to share because lately I've been writing less about sharing and more stream of consciousness stuff - well, stream of consciousness as it's filtered by my dick, at least.

Last night was our biggest group get-together to date with four guys and three ladies naked and sharing freely. It was hosted by a couple, Gloria and Brad, and besides Dee, Don, and me, their friends Laura and Paul were included too. Needless to say it was great!

Don had arrived before Dee and I got there, but they were waiting for us to get things started. I went into the computer room with Gloria and Brad to check something out, and by the time I got back Don was almost fully undressed. Dee's was already out of her shirt and bra, and they were kissing and fondling each other on the couch. As an added treat, we had to stop for black panties on the way because Dee decided to wear her black bra and black thigh highs, but didn't have a matching pair of undies. I got to watch her take off her plain, light green, cotton panties in the car and then put on the black ones and the thigh highs which she didn't wear out the door 'cause the kids were still home when we left and mom - who hates nylon - wearing hose would certainly have seemed suspicious. She looked stunning sitting there kissing Don with her black thigh-high clad leg sticking out from the long slit in her denim skirt! When Gloria and I got back to the room Don helped Gloria get down to her lace trimmed black and white teddy and Dee shucked her skirt. Both girls then went to work on Don's cock, first with their hands then with their mouths. I undressed quickly and sat next to Don and for a while was treated to Dee's lips and tongue working me over while watching Gloria doing the same to Don.

After some time of really enjoying Dee's mouth work I got up to get some pics. Brad took the place on the couch on the other side of Don, and Gloria moved over to suck her husband while Dee's hungry mouth went for Don. I snapped off a few shots then climbed under Gloria to lick her pussy while she continued sucking Brad. Getting up after Gloria came on my face I saw Don and Dee head for the rug in front of the TV on which was playing even more scenes of hard cocks and dripping pussies. I jumped back onto the couch then to watch Don and Dee sixty-nine with Don on top while Gloria alternated between sucking Brad and me and stroking the other.

After Don licked Dee through a few orgasms they shuffled around and a minute later I was watching Dee's classic thighs parting and Don moving between them with his hard cock pointing straight at her like a divining rod responding to water. Up went her legs and in went Don's cock as if they'd rehearsed it, but then again we've seen him so many times that they have! Gloria got up off her knees and positioned her ass over her husband's thighs to ease her pussy down onto his hard dick. I shot a few pictures of both couples happily fucking away till Gloria told me to get my cock over to her mouth. It was certainly a scene I never thought I'd witness, never mind be a party to! Gloria was bouncing her sweet, round ass up and down on Brad while sucking my cock and there was my wife being screwed in classic fashion by her favorite lover. I swear sometimes my brain approaches overload until I remember to stop thinking and just keep enjoying the sensations.

We regrouped after a while to end up with me on the couch with my dick happily buried in Gloria's mouth. Don got under Gloria's ass to lick her pussy from below as I had done earlier, and while he was doing that Dee was sucking his cock and he was fingering her pussy. Brad snapped a couple of pictures and then scrambled to get his pants on when we heard the doorbell. Laura and Paul had arrived. Although Dee and I had never met them before we just called out our greetings from within the tangled chain of flesh that we were part of. We knew there'd be some exchanges to come that would make up for not greeting them properly upon their arrival!

Gloria was still working over my dick with her lips and tongue as I watched Paul get Laura out of her own clothes and then his. The took the love seat across the room and eventually the four of us broke our chain for a smoke and drink break. I grabbed the camera and hustled over to get some pics of Paul toying with Laura's pussy. She had a killer smile and I just loved her bubbly personality which was a nice addition to the mix because Dee and Gloria are both rather quiet. We found Paul to be quiet personable as well and we were all laughing and joking within minutes as if we were all old friends rather than new acquaintances.

The action resumed with me on the couch and Don and Brad to my left. Dee took to my cock with her mouth again as Laura alternated between sucking Don and Brad while Gloria sucked Paul who was still over on the loveseat. Being the picture freak that I am I soon gave up my claim on Dee's mouth to get the camera working. Dee rushed over to get on her knees in front of Brad while I got some great shots of three sweet ladies all sucking cock at the same time. A bit later Paul got Gloria onto the floor to eat her and Don got behind Laura who was still kneeling by the couch and slipped his dick up into her pussy. I glanced over to see Dee working her tits all over Brad's hard cock as I got some pics of Don fucking Laura, then crawled over to get some of Dee who was positioning her pussy over Brad's dick. I knew she should have known better - I call the position with Dee on top the "cock killer" 'cause somehow she doesn't get the angle right and kind of bends the life out of a woody with her bottom which is precisely what she did with Brad's. But my attention turned quickly over to Paul who was positioning Gloria to enter her. I don't know why, but missionary is always my favorite position to watch and they did it superbly! Paul's shaved balls and Gloria's bare pussy were the perfect match and watching them go at it was a fantastic sight. Gloria's usual quiet was replaced by some wild sounds as Paul's dick brought her to climax, and shortly after Laura's pussy did the trick for Don who was squirting into her from behind.

Somehow while watching all the hot fucking that was going on I missed noticing that Dee was on the couch with her legs up and apart with Brad's mouth working her over. Brad graciously moved aside when his wife came over and asked for a turn. I sat next to Dee to watch Gloria lick her pussy for a good while, then Gloria crawled over to suck me while Brad returned to lapping Dee. Laura was on her knees in front of Paul who was back on the loveseat, and Don played photographer.

I was good and hard in Gloria's mouth and invited her to the floor. As Paul had done I lifted her legs, took aim and slid inside her. It was one of my coolest moments ever! After almost a year of watching Dee get fucked I finally had the opportunity to screw another woman in front of her. Gloria's pussy felt just fantastic. So warm and snug that I wished I could stay in there for at least a month! I lasted a while enjoying her tight little hole, but eventually this unreliable dick of mine decided that I was having too much fun and wilted. I slipped out and started licking Gloria, glancing up to see that Paul was taking pics of Dee sucking Don and Laura sucking Brad. Laura stopped slurping for a second to ask Gloria if she wanted the snowball so I jumped up from lapping Gloria so she could get in position. A minute later Brad was moaning and squirming around as Laura took his load in her mouth. When he finished cumming Laura crawled over to where Gloria was lying back with her mouth wide open to receive the snowball. I clicked the shutter of the camera which I'd gotten ready and snapped as the first blob of Brad's cum dripped the few inches from Laura's lips into Gloria's mouth, but my reaction time was sluggish and I missed it, as I did the second big drip too, but it was most excellent to watch!

After a short break Gloria was on her knees in front of Paul who was lying back on the rug giving him a good workout with her lips. Laura came up behind her with a vibrating egg vibrator and had her cumming in no time. When Gloria finished climaxing Laura joined her in sucking on Paul. In the mean time Dee was on her belly sucking me while Don licked her ass and fingered her pussy till she came again.

There was a break in the pictures for a while then as Don had to leave. I ended up on the loveseat as he was getting dressed and Laura came over to suck me. Her mouth is simply phenomenal and her gorgeous eyes looking up at me with my cock buried deep in her smile was just exquisite. I was so close to cumming a number of times throughout the course of the evening and probably would have spurted in Laura's mouth in another minute or two, but I had to stop her when I saw Paul across the room stop licking Dee's pussy, lifting her legs and getting ready to enter her. I didn't want to miss seeing Dee do it with Paul for the first time. I hurried over with the camera just in time to snap a pic of Paul's glans opening Dee's hole and another a split second later as he slid balls deep inside her. I could tell that she was enjoying it instantly because she reached under with her fingers and started stroking his balls - a sure sign that a dick is making her pussy feel good. When he lifted her feet onto his shoulders and started giving it to her hard and fast I could tell by her face that she was having a fantastic orgasm - the very kind I so much love watching her have - and Paul just kept going.

I sat back on the couch to watch and Gloria came over with her sweet mouth. After a few sucks, I knew I was going to cum big time so I locked my eyes on the cock that was spearing my wife's pussy and got myself ready to squirt. I hung there with my buns taut - my stomach muscles clenched - feeling that telltale sensation in the base of my cock for what seemed like an eternity. My eyes were still glued to the dick that was working Dee's pussy as I started squirting into Gloria's mouth. The entire evening's worth of being hyper-excited streamed out of my cock in the most incredible spasms I've felt in a while and it turned me on even more knowing that Gloria was swallowing every last drop of what I was putting out.

Paul slipped out of Dee at one point and tried getting back in but her pussy had had enough great fucking for one evening. She chuckled as she explained that it just "shuts down"after a few hours and doesn't seem to let a dick back inside. Paul dismounted and a few seconds later was laid back with Gloria's mouth attached to his cock. Dee sat beside him and caressed his back, and they licked tongues while Gloria worked on draining him as Brad and Laura cuddled on the loveseat watching the show. In a few minutes Gloria's mouth did its magic again and earned her another warm load to swallow eagerly.

The evening came to a close as all three ladies posed on the couch for the camera. Dee, being the most experienced in front of the lens and knowing so well the views that I like, took charge and directed Gloria and Laura through a variety of hot poses. She sounded like a chuckling drill sergeant telling them to lift their legs, hold their toes, spread wide, and so on as I happily snapped away. Dee even touched the tip of her tongue to Laura's for a shot! Finally I put the camera on the tripod and got a pic of the six of us together on the couch before Dee and I needed to get moving 'cause it had gotten rather late.

Gloria, Dee, and Laura delight
us with some fun poses after
we've all had hours of fun together

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