Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rantings: Still in Junior High

Every now and then Dee gets a mail from some jerk who asks something to the effect of, "Dee, how come you screw fat guys who have little dicks?" I can't help but feel for a minute when I read one of them that we're still in junior high school where it seems to be one's job to be as verbally hurtful as one can manage to be. After all, I am one of those fat guys you occasionally see in our pictures. But, then I remember that I'm married to an absolutely hot creature whose pussy is ready for my cock at a moment's notice - a woman who licks a set of balls and sucks a dick like a work of art - a lady who cums and cums hard when she's being fucked, and the sting is gone. My next feeling is one of pity for the miserable slob who wrote his best attempt at an insult. He's probably getting next to nothing from a miserable shrew of a wife who'd sooner lick the toilet seat than his rod, because unless he really is in the ninth grade, no intelligent, considerate, happy, mentally stable guy is going to write something to try to be hurtful deliberately.

What the poor jackass still doesn't get after all those post junior high years is that the best kind of intimacy is about the person you're with, not about bodily perfection. When we select a guy as a partner for Dee, whether he's going to be a one time lover, or somebody we see again and again, it's only after both she and I have invested a substantial amount of time in getting to know him mainly through regular correspondence. She doesn't want a guy on top of her who doesn't meet our criteria of a good lover, and quite honestly, a man's looks aren't even really on our list. It's not just about cumming and making her partner cum; Dee likes an interplay of warm emotion when she's making love with a man and that doesn't depend on how buff he might be at all - just on who he is inside. Most of the guys we've played with we never saw - not even in pictures - until we met them in person. And there hasn't been yet a time when we agreed to meet a man somewhere neutral like at a restaurant that didn't end with all of us naked and having fun together at a nearby motel.

If you're one of those flying assholes who might think less of us for not selecting partners based on their appearances, grow up and smell the pussy. It's warm, tight, and so gooey that it's dripping with desire. It's all swollen and pink and pretty and just waiting for a man's stiff cock - but with an attitude like yours , it's back to your own hand for more of the usual.
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Mac said...

I definitely agree with you. True intimate, loving, erotic and pleasurable sex just isn't about bodies and nothing more. What a pity that such a crude individual, as the one you describe, has to exist in the first place. Mac