Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My First Cockbloggingwednesday

This will be my first participating entry for cockbloggingwednesday. Next to life, and Dee, I love my cock - probably more than anything else. I know my love of it is irrational - that there are supposed to be pleasures on par with or beyond the sexual - but I have yet to find them. Soft or hard, this particular piece of my own flesh is almost always on my mind.

My cock is a good part of my self definition: I am cock! (Coito, ergo sum!)

It is a good part of my vision: I seek to penetrate you - to know you on the inside!

My cock is my toy. It is my friend. It is my solace, my joy, my confidant; it knows my deepest, darkest secrets. My cock is the nurturing caress of a mother's gentle hand on a baby's face. My cock is weapon! See it glisten in silver moonlight with a lover's warm spit or nether juice! Its beauty sometimes makes me feel unworthy to be in its presence.

My cock has never said, "Just hold me, " nor, "Not tonight; I have a headache," nor, "All you ever want is sex."

My cock has fucked all that there is to fuck of a woman - and of a man.

My cock wants to be one with the universe - one mouth, one cunt, one ass at a time.

Touch it!
Caress it!
Stroke it!
Kiss it!
Lick it!
Suck it!
Fuck it!
Milk it dry!
And then, come back for more!

"I seek to penetrate you -
to know you on the inside!"
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Desireous said...

Wow I just found your blog. It is so hot! I'm so glad I discovered it and that you are sharing it with us all! Awesome!