Saturday, November 26, 2005

Does She Know the World Is Ogling Her?

What's hotter - a naked woman who knows she's posing for the camera with her clothes off for you to ogle or a naked woman in a picture that she thought nobody would ever see but the guy who took it? Personally, I've pondered what the answer might be to that question, and I've debated with myself the merits of each, but I've never come up with an answer that satisfies me. The best I can do is straddle the fence (which is a bitch on my balls) and acknowledge that each is hot in her own right.

Indeed I love a picture of a hot lady who's hamming it up for the lens because she's fully conscious of us guys who might be looking at the very images being taken while we're playing with our dicks. Dee's that lady, ever conscious of the guys on the viewing end of the pictures I snap. Though I don't show her face in any of the pictures except to Don and Mike and one or two other very close friends she's generally grinning from ear to ear when her clothes are off and I'm happily snapping away because she's already thinking about being seen and enjoying the attention that'll eventually come her way via her mailbox. There's an ineffable sense of freedom in yanking down your pants and showing the world your goodies, and when the subject of a picture seems to be enjoying that freedom overtly, I find it powerfully arousing. I like a lady who not only doesn't mind that I'll be cranking myself when I'm looking at her, but who finds it amusing or arousing herself.

Admittedly, though, when I'm at Wife Lovers or one of the other naked wife web places, I find pictures quite stimulating when the poster admits that the subject of his photos, usually his wife, doesn't know that he's showing her off. There's a certain naughtiness to seeing a lady who doesn't know she's being seen and although I don't hold the guy who's showing her off in high esteem, my dick seems to appreciate his efforts and I do admire his honesty in admitting that he's somewhat of a cad.

Strangely, though, I have a definite aversion to anybody who seems to be pretending that his wife enjoys the attention when the poses would seem to suggest that she has no idea that her naked pictures are being posted. The pictures in those cases, regardless of how hot the subject matter might be objectively, are something of a turn off. Either prove to me that she knows you're going to show off the pics, or tell me outright that she has no clue, but don't give me that "She enjoys the attention" shit if you can't somehow show me that she does.

Make sense? I dunno. It's nearly past my bedtime.
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Suze said...

Damn Joe

You beat us to it.

Alex was going to write our email address on his cock but it was too long (the address that is). :) LOL