Thursday, November 03, 2005

Late HNT Ramblings

Well, here it is - Thursday afternoon and I have the house to myself with date night just a few hours away. Normally I'd be jerking myself off silly right about now, but I have to behave so I'll have a thick load of cream for Dee later. She rather enjoys being filled up with cum and I'd rather have a nice batch to squirt into her rather than just to dribble a little of the watery stuff. Thus, distraction is the order of business for now.

I just spent some quality time in the tub freshening up my shave and scrubbing my ass in case Don wants to rim me later. There I was with my middle finger two knuckles up my asshole reading the bottle of body wash that I was using as a combination soap and lube when I noticed that the stuff is enriched with oat protein. Note to self - tell Don that rimming me is not only fun, but it's healthy for his heart with that oat stuff in there to lower his cholesterol naturally! If he whinnies or prances around like a Lipizzaner stallion when he's done, though, it's back to regular soap or shaving cream for me.

I got to thinking then, with my finger still squirming up around in there to make sure I'm as clean as a whistle, about if there might be another guy or two out there in the world today who'll have the kind of day that I will. A guy who'll take his wife to a motel to get fucked silly by two of their friends, and also engage in some cocksucking, asslicking fun himself with his wife's lovers. I'd guess that since there are billions of us on the planet I'm not alone, but the number in this particular fraternity must be rather small.

I thought too, this time with the razor gliding all over and under down there, that I'll never understand the cuckold mentality if I live to be a thousand. All those guys who encourage their wives to date around at bars and to fuck guys only to have them come home and maybe, if they're lucky, administer a quick hand job while telling them about the much bigger, better lovers they screwed earlier? Yeah, I know - live and let live, and all that, but when something creates cognitive dissonance in me it kind of pisses me off because I hate not being able to understand it. Why would any guy want his wife to mistreat him, shame him, demean him sexually? I'm really missing something there.

I drained the tub, dried myself off, got dressed, and headed back here to finish up October. At the end of each month I archive all of the Dee pics I took during that month to CD's and to an external hard drive. Yep - well over 100,000 of them at this point. Will I ever have enough? No!

I also did the stats for the week which means adding to the running Excel sheet the hit counters from here, and other web pages I have going, and then I updated the files that track whom we fucked, and where and when. I think in a previous incarnation I was an archivist at a library somewhere for how I squirrel away data in duplicate and triplicate.

I snacked on some cream cheese and chive crackers, and then filled the camera and flash unit with charged batteries for later.

I guess all that's left to do now is to take a nap and dream of getting my jollies in a few hours!

Now if only we could get The Teacher, The Biker, and AAG to join us. Not only for the phenomenal, sloppy, luxurious sex I think we'd enjoy with them, but to have a taste in "real life" of the friendship I feel with them here in this electronic world of words. Technorati Tags: deesjoe sweetmrs39 cock sucking cocksucking cocksucker pussy fuck fucker fucked fucking licker licking balls nuts fellatio blow job blowjob dick handjob hot wife hotwife shared wife sharedwife cunnilingus cunt snatch slit gash vagina sex sexy sexblog sexblogs blog cum ejaculate bareback swingers swinging bi bisexual bi-sexual bicurious bi-curious jism cockbloggingwednesday half-nekkid thursday hnt rimjob rimming vulva labia intercourse nipples tits areola areolas majora minora breasts clitoris penis lifestyle dildo erection polyamory milf semen masturbation masturbate orgasm climax clit dick prick boner hardon woody erection asshole anus buns analingus ass


Biker & Teacher said...

Joe - It was great to read "your process". Often times, getting ready and dressing for an event is just as sexy as undressing after. I sometimes sit and just watch The Biker get dressed, when we are going out for the night. I love watching him shave, pull on his trousers, leaving them unbuttoned and sitting on his hips.

I was composing an e-mail to you tonight, while The Biker is at his weekly poker game, only to trash it thinking that I was getting a bit pushy e-mailing you so often. Both The Biker and I feel a close bond with you since the exchange of our first messages. It is great to read that you are experiencing the same cyber “friendship” that we are. You are our mentor and my therapist. Thanks for being there for The Biker and I.

I am thinking about you and Dee! And wow, 100,000 pictures. We will never catch up to that.

The Teacher

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I bet you are having a blast RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT.

Have fun. Exhaust yourself.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Teacher, dear... if you feel like writing, WRITE! I opened the door of friendship with the Biker and you, and that door is always open.

AAG, by 10:34 (which is the time posted on my end for your comment) we were already home and sound asleep. We usually play from around 6:15 to 8:30 EST, give or take a half hour in either direction. Nice to know you thought about us in our revelry just the same though! :)

Happy Weekend!