Monday, November 07, 2005

A Little Cum in Your Cookies?

I've always wondered if Otis Spunkmeyer cookies have cum baked into them. I don't care if it was the founder's real name; something with "Spunk" in it, or any other synonym for semen, shouldn't be part of a product name for any kind of food! How about some Jolly Jack Jismpumper Jelly on your toast, or a dollop of Sam Spoogesprayer Whipped Cream on your strawberries? Granted the sound of these names might appeal to a few ladies out there, but not everybody's an avid swallower. Real names for products just don't cut it in a number of cases. Didn't Orville Redenbacher always look like a dirty old uncle who'd be sniffing the things in your hamper during a holiday visit rather than the kindly grandfatherly type he was supposed to resemble in the popcorn commercials? To me, somehow, that weird name just added to his creepiness.

Gee, I'd intended to rant about a few more things, but I'm getting sleepy. Must've been all that heavy duty worshippin' I was doing over at Biker and Teacher's place earlier. That and thinkin' ASS 'cause AlwaysArousedGirl keeps bringing it up. That's OK, though. Ass rules!

G'nite, kids. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Technorati Tags: deesjoe sweetmrs39 cock sucking cocksucking cocksucker pussy fuck fucker fucked fucking licker licking balls nuts fellatio blow job blowjob dick handjob hot wife hotwife shared wife sharedwife cunnilingus cunt snatch slit gash vagina sex sexy sexblog sexblogs blog cum ejaculate bareback swingers swinging bi bisexual bi-sexual bicurious bi-curious jism cockbloggingwednesday half-nekkid thursday hnt rimjob rimming vulva labia intercourse nipples tits areola areolas majora minora breasts clitoris penis lifestyle dildo erection polyamory milf semen masturbation masturbate orgasm climax clit dick prick boner hardon woody erection asshole anus buns analingus ass


Suze said...

I bet Mr Spunkmeyer's biscuits make you a little thirsty.

Walking around the supermarket the other day I happened upon a Sloppy Guiseppe .

Not sure if I wish to partake thank you!

I will be more dilegent when shopping in future, it puts a whole new spin on an otherwise boring necessity.

Suze X

UrSinho said...

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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I know I know I know. Gotta stop talking about the ass. Must stop talking about the ass.

Biker & Teacher said...


I missed this post on Monday. I have been in my report card stupor.

Did you know that the name Meyer originated from the Gallo-Roman word major. So Mr. Spunkmeyer could be referred to as Major Spunk. :D

Sorry, but I do not want to consume a cookie or anything else, for that matter, that contains a stranger’s spunk. I think over the holiday’s I will create a cookie containing the Biker’s cum, just to see what it tastes like. That will be an interesting culinary experiment. Yummy? We will find out!

Heavy duty ass worshipping, at our blog, no doubt? Glad you enjoy the experience. We also venerate Sharing Dee! Aaaahhh! Mutual Satisfaction.

Kisses and licks to you, Joe!

The Teacher