Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Excitement Factor

We've been in our sharing marriage for three and a half years now, and it continues to amaze me that both Dee and I haven't lost any of the initial excitement that we both enjoyed at the outset. Each of our date nights inspires a passionate arousal in us that only increases as the evening of choice approaches. Our mails to and from the guy(s) we're going to play with adds fuel to our already raging fires as we anticipate with them the fun things we might do. Just writing to or about a guy who's going to be making love with Dee has me leaking a veritable fountain of precum the whole time I'm typing. (And you thought I kept this blog 'cause I like to write?)

Just as Dee's looking forward to the variety provided by another guy's love making style when she takes off her wet panties for him, so do I appreciatively anticipate witnessing the wonderful pleasures they're about to share. (Yes, I'm often in the mix myself with Dee as well as with most of the guys, but on a date night my primary focus is definitely on watching.) If we're with somebody we see often or on occasion I get a thrill from knowing in part what's about to transpire and how good the lovers are going to feel as they make each other cum as often as possible. If we're with somebody new, there's a particular excitement in not knowing precisely what's about to happen in what order, but when I see Dee's moist pussy and her lover's hard cock I know that it's going to be good for all of us when they finally join together in the most intimate way possible to share their mutual passion and exchange the very best of life's physical pleasures.

I get so many mails from gentlemen who'd love to have a marriage like mine - whose number one fantasy is to witness their own wives in sexual bliss with other men. I wish I had a magic potion or some other means of helping them to make their own dreams come true in this regard. The feelings I have are too good to keep inside (And there you have the other reason I write this blog.) and sometimes I want to shout of them from rooftops, or at least a small soapbox from which I might convince others of the rich joy to be found in sharing one's wife.

Happy last day of 2005!

Admittedly, at times I wonder about how many
guys out there might like to see their wives enjoying
sex with other men, and about how many wives think
from time to time about how it might feel to have two
men to please and be pleasured at the same time.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Me Me Me!

I think about being with two men.


Happy 2006, Joe.

Jay said...

i like watching my wife get fucked and like helping give her two at once.