Friday, December 16, 2005

"Santa" Gets it Good

I chuckled when Dee came down the stairs on Wednesday evening sporting a Santa hat to wear to our date with Don and Mike. I love it when she gives some extra thought to the pictures she knows I enjoy taking so much and puts on an extra bauble or two for the guys to remove when they're undressing her, so the Santa hat was a very nice touch. Little did I realize, though, that underneath her sweatshirt and denim pants was the red Christmas teddy which I might have figured out if I thought like a woman. When the guys started to take off her clothes and I spied it under there I grinned like the Cheshire cat from ear to ear. With the playful clothing and Dee being in a much livelier mood than she's been lately with working extra hours it promised to be a banner evening.

There are at least two distinct times that vie for best moments of the evening. The first was when Dee sucked Don to a state of super hardness and then climbed atop him to "take a ride on the Reading" as the two of them playfully refer to the Dee on top position. I heard a soft moan as she eased herself down onto Don's long cock and engulfed every last millimeter of his dick, and when she lifted herself up to thrust down onto him again the sheen of her pussy juice coating the full length of his stiff shaft assured me that it was going to be quite a ride. Oh, it certainly was! By the time stamps on the pictures, it was a full fifteen minutes during which Dee rode Don and he pumped up into her from below. I'll bet she came at least a half dozen times and the last one was a real whopper of an orgasm after which Don had to stop lest he cum too soon and not be able to cum in her ass later. For a guy who ardently loves watching his wife get fucked, a long dicking like that of constant cock in pussy motion is a dream come true.

The second moment of distinction was later in the evening when Mike was able to achieve orgasm #3 while screwing Dee. As much as I enjoy the experience of witnessing Dee's climaxes, I equally relish the guys' orgasms too, especially Mike's which are a bit more vocal than most. It was after Don had to leave and I came in Dee myself that she started stroking Mike's cock. Ever the trooper, "Little Mike" as Dee affectionately calls his dick, sprang up like a mushroom after a warm, spring rain and Mike's hips started rolling as Dee's little fingers flew up and down his hard shaft. When Dee rolled onto her back, raised her legs and spread them wide, Mike was there in a flash, and his cock was once again deep in Dee's pussy for the third time of the evening. It wasn't long before Dee had her first orgasm and then it started - her vocal encouragement. This dear woman whose mouth had barely uttered a single dirty word until she met me and so often admonished me through many years for saying something as bad as "ass" was telling Mike to cum in her pussy - to fuck her hard - and when he did start to spray into her, her face lit up with a megawatt glow with the realization of the pleasure she was giving to him as he filled her pussy with his cream again.

For a once ridiculously jealous kid who flew into a rage if his wife so much as talked to another guy more than a minute or two, I've come a long way. Our marriage has been essentially redefined by our sharing experiences and it is, without the slightest doubt, the absolute best thing about my life.
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GeorgeVanna said...

Reading your description is almost as good as being there./

e.e. said...

ahhhhhhhh. Joe and Dee are back.

Suze said...

I love to vocalise whilst screwing with Alex. He groans a lot but doesn't vocalise as much as me.

I'm so loud at times I have to push my head in to a pillow to save the neighbours being part of it.

However, he does a great impression of Scooby Doo sometimes.

Desireous said...

Forgive me if this in your archives but how did you ever get from point a to point z? I am of course refferring to your once jealous rages. I would be interested to know. If it is in your archives perhaps you could point me to that particular post?


Willy said...

Georgevanna is right but I'd still rather be there.

Mac said...

Sounds as if you're feeling better Joe. It appears that everyone had a fantastic time. Wish you'd keep count, if possible, of the number of orgasms that Dee has during one of these get togethers. What a wonderful thing that she's so multi-orgasmic. I love a woman to be vocal during sex.

trmptvt said...

mmmmmm, cock. Wow did she get some. Sounds like a great time. Now I know what I want to get my wife for christmas.
The pictures are great. I love the santa outfit. Thanks for sharing