Saturday, December 17, 2005

Variety, an Anniversary, and Brief Christmas Musings

If you asked me what I truly believe about love, about marriage, about sex, about how all of them are supposed to be ultimately connected, at this point in my life I couldn't answer. I've either arrived at the pinnacle of knowledge and wisdom concering them, or I'm just really fucked up. What I feel in my heart feels good, and right to me. It doesn't feel like I'm kidding myself so I can have what I want; it genuinely feels like what I have is how things are supposed to be.

Part of what I believe is that it's sad that most women will never get to express a sentiment like this one of Dee's, written to Don this morning: "I enjoy fucking you. I love the different sensations that different cocks and techniques give me." I could finish this post with analogies ad infinitum - how we don't settle for the same meals every day and yet we're expected to be totally, deliriously happy with that one cock or one pussy as if what we married is necessarily the be all and end all of sexual sensation and satisfaction. If I were to write all of the analogies I can think of, though, I'd either be preaching to the choir or screaming into deaf ears and so I won't waste my own time nor yours, dear reader. I'll just leave it being fantastically happy with my incredibly great marriage and switch topics.

Today marks the second anniversary of the evening on which we first met Mike and began in the flesh the wonderfully intimate friendship we enjoy with him. The camaraderie began in our letters to each other and in the chats that Dee and he shared before then, but today marks the anniversary of the first time that Mike and Dee made love. She was a woman possessed that evening. Don and she had started their foreplay before Mike arrived, but as soon as Mike got there Dee was kissing him and rubbing his cock through his pants before his jacket was even off. She sat him in the chair beside the motel room door, as I recall, dropped to her knees, pulled down his pants, and went at his cock with her mouth like she was starved for it. When she paused to get his clothes off entirely, she led him back to the bed where Don was patiently awaiting her return, laid Mike back onto the bed and got onto all fours to continue sucking him.

Mike's barely in the room with us for a few
minutes and his cock is enjoying the warm
ministrations of Dee's soft, talented mouth.

Seeing Dee's pretty ass wiggling was enough of an invitation for Don to slide into position behind her to take her doggie style and Dee enjoyed the classic "spit roast" - having a hard dick in her pussy with another in her mouth at the same time. Somehow having one to suck seems to multiply the pleasure the other is delivering inside her down below. She came hard on Don's cock, and Mike was moaning and rolling his hips as her lips tended vigorously to his excited dick. I'm not sure at what point I realized it, but it dawned on me eventually that Dee was hell bent on making Mike squirt into her mouth. This was most unusual because although she'd taken cum in her mouth before it was the first time I'd seen her want a man to spray into her mouth for his first time cumming with her. When Mike realized himself that she was encouraging him to ejaculate in her mouth he let himself go and did just that. It was truly wild knowing as he started cumming that he was filling up Dee's mouth with his goo and that her throat was serving as the backsplash for his passionate eruption.

When I asked Dee later why she choose to take Mike's first load orally she chuckled. "He said that his first cum is usually quick and that he lasts longer afterwards." Smart wife! She wanted him to be able to last a good long time for their first fuck together so the blow job to completion was to get the quick one out of the way.

Happy Anniversary, Mike! Thank you for being such a great friend to us both.

College kid is home. Gingie dough is in the fridge and waiting to be made into little cookies. The feeling of Christmas is finally in the air. Surprisingly, I felt my first taste of it yesterday. I got out of work and headed out to do some more shopping for presents for Dee and suddenly, while dreading the party we were obligated to attend yesterday evening, my dread turned to joy and I felt the vague stirring of Christmas in my heart. I'm glad it finally got here. I was afraid it wasn't going to come this year.
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Suze said...

Congratulations to both of you.

You summed up your the relationship you all have in the expression "made love".

It's not just about cold hearted screwing but caring for each other too.

deeslittlemike said...

Thanks Joe and a Happy Anniversary to you and Dee as well.

You and Dee have both been a great friend to me as well. It has been a great two years. I wonder what the next will hold for us. Mmmm

Suze you are right even that first night with Dee and Joe I have never felt that we were just screwing. The friendship was there from the first night!

I dont think I ever realy realized how excited Dee was to see me that night. Wow what a blow job the best I have ever had for sure. Mmmm


Desireous said...

Hey Joe, Guess what? You've been tagged!!! Come by my blog for details.


Mac said...

Glad to see you're "back", Joe. It makes me happy. Merry Christmas, again.