Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Size Queen

I'm a size queen.

Back when Dee and I started dating and she'd jerk me off while telling me about the sex she had with other guys, she told me straight out that the guy she was engaged to before she met me had a cock so large that she couldn't accommodate him comfortably. In fact, she said she liked mine because it looked like it would be fun without hurting. A month or so later, she found out, (and she married me anyway. LOL!)

All in all, I love the sight of a thick dick working Dee's pussy because it makes me think of her doing it with her ex-fiancee. Why that would excite me as it does 23 years after the fact, I haven't a clue, but it does. I've stopped trying to figure myself out - to determine why things have the effects on me that they do. Now I just wallow in them. Everything's a lot more fun without trying so damned hard to understand it all.

The first guy to sink his cock into Dee
after Don made her into a shared wife
was Bob whose thick dick I particularly
enjoyed watching as it stretched
her open wide like her old boyfriend.
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Kim said...

Can I move in with you guys?

Suze said...

Joe, could I borrow Bob one weekend? ;)

Rosie said...

Your statement - "I've stopped trying to figure myself out - to determine why things have the effects on me that they do. Now I just wallow in them" seems to me a very profound thought. Yea, a good one. So continue to hold true to it. And show some of the rest of us the way.

trmptvt said...

Interesting Thoughts... While as far as I know L hasn't had any other cocks but I'm sure she would enjoy a large thick one and I would love to hear about it. I do remember years ago in a very quick but unpleasent conversation I made a comment about her weight and she retorted with a comment on my size. Unfortunatly some of the things we shouldn't and don't want to say are uncomfortably true. It has been years since then and we seem to be fine. I do enjoy fucking her with a large vibrator. She does seem to warm to it. some day...

Bob said...

Damn this is Hot I wish I could share my wife Karen with a big cock like that I'm sure after the experiance we both would be excited to try it again