Monday, December 19, 2005

Proud of Her

Perhaps pride isn't necessarily one of the things I should be feeling when Dee takes to a bed with another man. After all, she's the one who's doing what she's doing and I'm just standing on the sidelines with the camera and my stiff dick oozing precum. Nevertheless I do feel a huge swell of pride at various moments during a Sharing Dee evening - a big sense of self satisfaction simply in knowing that it's my wife who's making somebody's world a little brighter in one of the best ways possible.

It's not only the overt things that Dee does that fill me with that satisfied delight, but the subtlties as well. When she's sucking a man's hard cock and I hear her soft moans telling him that she's enjoying the sensations of having him in her mouth I feel a surge of pride. When she's cumming on a guy's dick and I can see in his eyes and overall posturing that he's feeling the spasms in her pussy, I feel a swell of it too. Perhaps the best moments of a given evening are when I see my baby reach down to fondle her lover's balls and urge him verbally to let go and fill her with his warm cum. He plunges balls deep inside her, his body goes taut from head to toe, and then that huge shudder courses through him as his cock lets loose its volley into Dee. I'm on top of the world then. I feel an emotion that is incomparable to any other I've ever felt. It's huge - and it's good. It's very good!

I remember feeling that warm pride
when Dee led Ted to the bed to begin
their evening of varied pleasures.
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Suze said...

Joe, you truly are a caring sharing kind of guy.

Dee, must also be so proud of you and who you are.


Desireous said...

Yeah! What she said!


Willy said...

Joe...that is a beautiful picture of Dee, even from the back she is a very sexy woman. Lucky man!!

NeverEnough said...

I can't imagine my husband having ever allowed something like this - how did you get to this point? I'm curious. There must be an enormous amount of love and respect between you two...