Thursday, January 26, 2006

From Don to Dee and HNT

From Don's letter to Dee last night...

Hi, Sweetie...

Only a few hours to go from the time you're reading this....and I'm thinking of the first glimpse I'm going to get of your cute little pussy and ass! I always like the "thrill of discovery" the moment they spring into view... I know it's only a short wait until I can taste them. My favorite moments though are the times when I can look into your eyes while I'm fucking you passionately. I can almost see them now, reflecting back at me just how good it feels to be deep inside you. Only a few more hours... mmmm... patience! :-)
See you very soon, Sweet Lady!

Love, Don

It's so sweet to me how Don thinks about being with Dee and expresses his thoughts to her when he's dreaming about their next time together. After three years of making love together just about every two weeks they're still very hot for each other and their passion is a magical thing to witness when it's expressed in the most intimate way possible. This evening we'll be with him and Mike again and I anticipate immersing myself in the same wonderful feelings we all share when we're making each other happy in the kinds of ways that you can only do when everybody's clothes are lying about the room wherever we dropped them. I love my crazy sex life!

Dee was only half nekkid on this December day a few years ago
when she met Don in the parking lot at the local mall
on her way to work. He was kind enough to get this
shot for me of her pussy dripping his sweet cum, 'cause
I had to be at work while they were doing it in Dee's car.
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Suze said...

We love your crazy sex life too. Every post is eagerly awaited. ;)

Desireous said...

*banging head against wall* Why do I cum visit my all my fav blogs before I have to go to work? Why do I do this to myself?!! I'm not sure what it was about this post but damn Joe now I'm all hot and bothered!!! I think it was the thought of Dee in the car getting banged feverishly while you were hard at work. I don't know I just know my panties are all wet and I have that familiar ache in my loins.


GeorgeVanna said...

Can't wait to see the photos.

G and V