Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Showin' the Dick

It's no secret to regular readers here that I love being naked in front of the camera, particularly from the waist down and from the knees up. Before the internet I'd never have thought of myself as an exhibitionist - at least not in the classic sense of wearing a trench coat and flapping the ol' cock at unsuspecting ladies. Here on the 'net, though, showing it off to folks who are at least somewhat interested in seeing my pound of prize flesh is always a cheap, simple thrill. "Cockbloggingwednesday" blew my mind when I first discovered the sex blogs. Not only are there other guys like me who enjoy taking their cocks for a spin down the runway, but there are other "normal" (Okay, I use that word very loosely.) folks who look forward to seeing the show.

Of all my dick pics, my favorites are the ones showing me where I most like to be - surrounded completely by the woman I love. Inside Dee, I am most complete. When I put myself into her I go from being a half of something, alone, to being an integral part of a most wonderful whole. How could I not love my cock for the being the part of me that makes this marvelous union possible? (And for feeling so damned good in the process!) How could I want to keep it in my pants and not show it off to the world?

Inside Dee, I am most complete.
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Mac said...

Absolutely as beautiful as it gets. 'Nuff said!!!

Desireous said...

Well I like when you show the dicks too but for entirely different reasons! :-)~ So you just keep on showing them hun!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Your hard dick and your lovely em both.