Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hijacked Blog?

For many months I had a link over on my sidebar to The Journal of JStrap II with this graphic.

Today when I dropped by to see if he'd written anything new I got a 404 error from some commercial porn site in its place. I hit up his old blog address with scripting and Java turned off and the Blogspot blog is still there but renamed The Dirty Jockstrap and seemingly in existence solely to redirect possible readers of the old JStrap II site to the spam page via Javascript code embedded in his blog code. Methinks JStrap has been the victim of one of the latest blog hijackings. If you head over there to check him out, disable your scripting first.


Rosie said...

Joe, a lot of blogs are being hacked recently. I think Johannes is one of the latest hi-jacks. Don't think poorly of him until we know for sure.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

You're right, Rosie. After further investigation into the profile there it would seem that the responsible anus has taken over a few regular blogs in addition to making his own, all for the purpose of redirecting traffic to a commercial porn site.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

He's been down since Sunday, I think. Not sure if he got hijacked (wouldn't he have said something?) or if he shut down on his own.

Very odd.

Kisses, Joe. I was thinking about you tonight, driving home at 5:15--it was still light! Wheeeeeee!

Desireous said...

I'm telling you Joe these hackers suck ass!!!