Sunday, January 22, 2006

I Love It When Dee Writes

From a reply that Dee wrote to a letter from Don in which he explicity lauded her sweetness and sexual delights:

You never need to apologize for writing "boldly" to me. I enjoy hearing that I excite you. I like that you remember our nights together and dream about our future soirees. I enjoy "catering to your turn ons" - after all our relationship is based on mutual pleasure.

Going back a little, perhaps however I am a little selfish as well. The more pleasure I give you, the more you return it to me! It is cyclic ya know! :) I love feeling your hard cock pound into me. I love feeling your cock deep within my pussy. I LOVE hearing the sounds of pleasure you make as your excitement builds and then explodes.

Aside from the physical aspects however, I enjoy the emotional side too. You and Joe have increased my self value 1000 times. It is so powerful to know that people other than Joe find me attractive. For years I thought he just said things like that because he loved me, was my husband. You have taught me otherwise and my self confidence has increased. There is so much good that has come from our friendship! I cherish every minute we spend with you.

I was never looking for this kind of friendship with anybody. I just wanted to watch somebody fuck my wife long, deep, and hard - to hear her moans of pleasure, to watch his hard cock deliver a few really good, toe-curling orgasms to her, and then spill its warm, gooey testimony to its own great reciprocal pleasure at the end. The friendships that developed with both Don and Mike in sharing Dee these past three and a half years are the best I've ever had beyond college - the best we've ever had together as a couple. Sharing my wife (and myself) with two wonderful friends is many times better than that original fantasy of just watching her screw somebody. Now and then when she does somebody new there remains that thrill of seeing the old fantasy relived, but as for a steady diet of sharing her - nothing beats sharing her heart, mind, body, and soul with Don and Mike as beautifully as we do when she makes love with them.

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GeorgeVanna said...


Suze said...

Joe, what you have between you is special and envied by most.

We watch our porn DVD's and get off on seeing actors doing exactly what you get to see first hand.

But yours is a caring and sharing situation not just hot sex. That's what makes it truly wonderful.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I think if I saw a view like that, I'd be tempted to give Don's balls and backside a bit of attention.


Mac said...

All of us, or most of us, are so envious of what you and Dee and friends have. Who among us would not love to have the intimacy, physical and mental, that all of you share? Great sex but a closeness that is hard to imagine for the majority of us.

Darkneuro said...

It's a good thing.