Monday, January 23, 2006

Savoring that "Ut Oh!" Orgasm

I'm not trying to sound a trumpet for premature ejaculation, but if you've followed my writing here for even a brief time you can probably appreciate why it's tremendously exciting to me when a guy slides up into Dee's pussy for the first time on a given evening intending to give her a long, delicious screw only to find himself unable to last more than a few minutes before gushing his pleasure into her. Dee doesn't mind because she usually has at least one great orgasm before a lover's cock has taken a dozen good strokes inside her, and she too seems to get a particular thrill from having her guy erupt much sooner than he thought he would for his first climax of the evening.

A wet pussy can be just a wet pussy depending on whose legs it happens to lie between. Some of them just lie there speechless and motionless. Dee's pussy talks a mile a minute to a man's hard cock and dances the cha-cha, especially when she's approaching orgasm and then climaxing. It's Dee's first strong cum of the evening on a lover's stiff dick that often catches him off guard. When her pussy clamps down with each spasm of her orgasm it quite often takes her guy past the point of no return in spite of his best efforts to regain control and delay his climax. Not infrequently I hear that sigh of resignation and then a huge groan of pleasure when Dee's lover just can't put off cumming and instinctively thrusts himself deep into her pussy till his balls are firmly pressed against her buns and gives in to the fantastic sensations of Dee's wet, warm, soft walls milking his excited cock for every last drop of cum she can drain from him. If I happen to glance at Dee's face at such a time when she's giving a man that "Ut oh!" orgasm, she's usually grinning pleasantly with a smug satisfaction. I love that she knows and enjoys the power she has over us!

When a guy cums early on during an evening of play it's not usually a bad thing, mind you. It typically means that when Dee or I suck his cock back to full hardness later he's likely to last a good long time to give Dee many great climaxes in a variety of fun positions before he squirts again. There will be a good number of oral orgasms for Dee in there too, and more often than not one or more other hard cocks to pleasure her while that first guy stiffens up for another ride in Dee's creamy hole.

I'm not holding my breath yet, but a gentleman who's been in touch with us for a long time is supposed to be in our area later in the week and has invited us to join him for dinner. He's hot for Dee and he's bi-curious. I'm thinking some hard cock for dessert in his room afterwards, perhaps!

Jack had sat quietly in a chair for over a half
an hour watching Dee and Mike do their foreplay
and fuck passionately before he was invited to
join Dee on the bed. After she sucked his cock
and then laid back for him to enter her, he didn't
last more than about two minutes before he
groaned and filled her with a thick load of cum.
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GeorgeVanna said...

Another arousing way to start our day.

roundsquare1 said...

I don't I could last either, I almost came just reading and thinking about it....

Philosophy of Being said...

I enjoyed this entry and it also made me remember the many times a lover could not hold back after some great play time and how hot it was to feel his cum squirt on to me.

Very hot!

Mac said...

What a wonderful way to start my day with another tale of Dee and a beautiful picture also. Include me as another who came reading and wishing and looking.