Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lovin' the Dick

Jackie K., the Cyber Slut Wife, wrote recently: "The allure of the cock is so intense to me. I think part of it is that I love playing with it and seeing the effect that it has on the guy attached to it."

Now, there's a woman after my own heart! All in all, if I were with a buddy and we only had enough time for one of us to get off, I'd much rather be the player than the playee. Though I've given up the lusty pursuit of finding a regular jack-off buddy which I'd craved for a number of years, now and then I still think it would be fun to have one - another married guy happy with his sex life at home, but with a hankering to play with a cock every now and then, and more importantly, to lie back with his legs apart for me to play with his.

I love to pleasure a woman, particularly orally, but the rock solid feel of an excited cock between my lips is uniquely delicious. Dee once spoke of the exhilarating feeling of "power" that it gave her to make a man's dick stand up and respond to her ministrations. I can relate to that! When I can take a semi-soft cock into my mouth and feel it stiffen as I work it over with lips and tongue - it IS a powerful feeling and the response of the owner in terms of sounds and complementary motions are ample rewards for my efforts. When that same firm, wet cock then slides up into my wife's wanton, juicy pussy and I hear her squealing with delight - it's wonderful!

But, I admit, on occasion I'd like to bypass that pussy part and keep that stiffy for myself - to wield the ultimate power and make it spray wildly all over the place just for the sheer pleasure of making another guy feel that good. I'll never know precisely what a woman's orgasm feels like, but I know what a guy experiences when he's pumping out a load of cum and I like being the giver of that pleasure. I don't even try to label myself any more. I just enjoy it all.

Though I very much enjoy making a man
hard for Dee and playing with his cock
in that context, sometimes I want to go
all the way and make him cum hard myself.
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Mac said...

Even with my indescribable love for the female body and the pleasure it gives, I can relate to what you're saying here. A hard cock is also a beauty to behold. I wonder how many other men feel this way?

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I have a feeling that the answer to Mac's question is: A lot more than what would admit it in public.

daisyduke said...

what a tactful sexy observation.
honesty and total self expression are really where it's at, huh?

GeorgeVanna said...

Another winner, Joe

Willy said...

I love the sight and taste and smell and touch of a female body but I too enjoy the sight of a hard cock, and get to see one all too seldom.

Adam said...

Not too long ago, I was with my "other" couple, fully clothed while she rode him in the "comfy chair." And my contribution was to play with his balls and make a ring around his cock while she pumped up and down, giving a little extra something. Last time, I had my finger in her ass while he was on top fucking her, and we all felt something different inside.

I'm with you, Joe, I get it when I see women write about how much they love cock. Makes me feel less selfish about receiving, and even more enthusiastic about giving. To both.