Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back to Richie Yet Again

I tried taking a late afternoon nap after work yesterday but managed to sleep only for about a half an hour or so. When I woke from having dozed lightly my brain was suddenly being bombarded from inside with visions of Dee and Richie frolicking together with their clothes off. It's been a good while since I've obsessed with thoughts of the two of them naked together 24 years ago so I rather enjoyed replaying some of my favorite scenes again. For those of you who came in late, Richie was the late 30 or early 40 something married guy who took Dee's virginity when she was 18, and somehow sharing her with other men all goes back to her telling me about her sexual escapades with Richie in the early 80's.

One of the things that played through my head on the couch was Dee telling me about licking Richie's cock on various occasions. She says that she never really sucked him because the thought of putting a dick into her mouth was too repulsive, but she admits that she licked his dick at times during their foreplay, and that, now and then she licked him until he came while she was tonguing his cock. I've had the distinct pleasure of seeing Dee lick a lover's hard cock many times and I think every time she does my brain flashes back to when she was a teen doing the same to her much older lover. Of course nowadays her cock licking is usually just a prelude to her opening her lips wide and taking her lovers' dicks as deep into her mouth as she can manage, but when she does it and I watch her little pink tongue ride up the underside of a guy's balls and then the full length of his excited cock all I can do is to think of her as a tender senior in high school lapping at her lover's big dick in the back of his truck.

Their big night - the evening on which Dee lost her cherry to Richie - they spent at a motel. Dee was a virgin so he licked her to orgasm, she gave him a handjob, making him spray all over his belly, and they went to sleep together. By Dee's telling she awoke sometime during the night keenly conscious of Richie's nude form tucked in beside her. She lightly began tracing a random pattern with a finger across his chest, his thighs, his belly but avoiding his cock and just enjoying the feeling of his body. He awoke and started kissing her deeply and passionately. She said that she felt her desire rise as she responded to his kisses and that it couldn't be contained. She wanted to feel Richie inside her and she told him so. He donned a condom. He lifted her legs and moved between them. He put the bulbous head of his thick cock to her opening.

With the glans of his dick ready to enter Dee, Richie talked to her. He told her that he would stop at any time if she wanted him to. He described what she might feel upon his entry. He leaned in and guided Dee's bare feet to the small of his back. With a flex of his hips, Richie slid the head of his cock into Dee's opening. She said that he entered her a millimeter at a time, allowing her pussy to adjust to his girth slowly, until she could feel his balls pressed against her ass. And all the while that these thoughts are passsing through my brain, I'm there in the moment picturing vividly that very scene of Dee's defloration. I'm microscopic, inside Dee's vagina, watching her wet folds give way to the hefty intruder as it opens her wide for the first time in her life. I'm lying on a pillow near Richie's ass, watching his big, full balls kissing Dee's tight little asshole each time he withdraws and then feeds his hungry cock back into her warm hole. I'm up on the pillow right beside Dee's face watching her expressions as she feels the sensations of a man's hard cock moving inside her body for the very first time. I'm there cheering Richie on as with each in and out motion of his cock in Dee's sweet snatch he feels his pleasure increase and build toward that ultimate moment when his cock will give the penultimate throb and gush his warm seed into Dee. Granted, the condom will intercept his load, but in those seconds of intense pleasure Richie won't be conscious of that. All he'll know is that his cock is squirting into a virgin's nubile body and leaving her a distinctly different person than the girl who mounted the bed with him hours earlier.

In some strange way, every time I share Dee with a lover, Richie is there with me. Though our attempts to contact him three years ago when Dee's sexuality exploded were frustratingly unsuccessful, and although I've never met him, I consider him almost a close friend in feeling an inexplicable bond that exists through Dee. When I watch a man's cock explore the sweet depths of Dee's pussy, in a sense it's Richie's dick that I'm watching as it probes her vagina quietly or hammers deep, hard, and fast while working to bring her to orgasm or to blast its thick nectar into her. I don't know why Dee and Richie having sex together fascinates me still nearly a quarter of a century past when it all happened, but I've probably gotten more cerebral pleasures from pondering those times that they shared than from any other sexual thoughts I've had in my lifetime.

When I watch a man's cock explore the
sweet depths of Dee's pussy, in a sense
it's Richie's dick that I'm watching...
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Wish my first had been that slow...

You are a sexy sexy man, Joe.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

AAG, it does me a world of good to have you here reading me. To have somebody as seriously desirable as you are thinking that I'm sexy? It does my ego good!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You are sexy.

You doubt that???

April said...

what a great story! loved it...:)